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Can you bring filled water bottles into Disney?

Bringing your own filled water bottles into Disney theme parks is allowed and encouraged as a way to stay hydrated while enjoying the parks. Disney has water bottle filling stations throughout their parks so guests can refill their bottles for free. There are some guidelines around the types and sizes of water bottles allowed that guests should be aware of.

Why bring your own water bottles?

There are several benefits to brining your own water bottles to Disney parks:

  • Saves money – Bottled water and other beverages inside the Disney parks can be expensive. Bringing your own reusable bottles allows you to save money by refilling for free.
  • Reduces waste – Single use plastic water bottles create a lot of unnecessary waste in the parks. Bringing reusable bottles cuts down on plastic waste.
  • Convenient hydration – Having water readily available in your own bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated all day long.
  • Customization – You can customize your water by adding electrolyte powders or squeezing in flavor like lemon or lime.

Staying hydrated is key when you’re walking around in the hot Florida sun all day. Having your own water bottle keeps water handy when you need it.

Are there any restrictions on types of water bottles?

Disney does have some rules around the types of water bottles and drinking containers allowed. These rules are in place for safety and to prevent sharing of bottles.

  • No glass containers
  • No bottles over 64 oz capacity
  • Must have screw top, flip top or straw lid – no open cups or mugs
  • Insulated plastic bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum bottles, stainless steel bottles are allowed
  • Hydration packs with straws are ok but may need to be inspected at bag check

If your water bottle does not meet these guidelines, Disney will request you discard or return it to your hotel or vehicle before entering the park.

Are there restrictions on what you can fill the bottles with?

Disney only allows you to fill your bottles with plain, unflavored water at the water bottle filling stations. For safety reasons, they do not permit filling with any other beverages like:

  • Flavored waters
  • Juices
  • Sodas
  • Sports drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages

You can customize your own plain water by adding flavoring powders or fresh fruit like lemons once inside the park. But the bottle fill stations are for unflavored water only.

Where are the water bottle filling stations located?

Disney has made efforts in recent years to add more water bottle filling stations throughout their parks. They continue to expand and add more each year. The filling stations can be found:

  • Near restrooms
  • Near quick service restaurants
  • In line queues for rides and attractions
  • In food courts and dining areas
  • Near first aid stations

Disneyland Park and California Adventure have over 30 water bottle filling locations. The Magic Kingdom in Disney World has over 20 fill stations. Disney World’s Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have between 15-20 stations each.

The fill stations are typically built into or mounted near existing water fountains throughout the parks. Just look for the bottle filler spout attachment or signs indicating a water bottle refill station.

Are there filling station locations outside the parks?

Yes, you can also find water bottle filling stations throughout the Disney resort hotels, at the transportation hubs and in Disney Springs shopping area. Filling stations are located:

  • In all Disney resort hotels – in the lobbies, near pools, in food courts
  • At the Transportation and Ticket Center at Disney World
  • In the bus stations at Disney Springs
  • Throughout the Disney Springs shopping and dining area

Being able to refill while in transit around Disney property makes it easy to stay hydrated all day.

Do the water fountains filter the water?

The regular water fountains and bottle filling stations do not filter or purify the tap water. The tap water at Disney comes from municipal water supplies, which is treated, filtered and tested to meet all EPA drinking water standards.

If you prefer filtered water, Disney’s quick service and table service restaurants will provide cups of filtered water upon request free of charge. You can also refill your bottle with filtered water at restaurant locations.

Tips for bringing your own bottles

Here are some tips for making the most of brining your own water bottles into Disney parks:

  • Bring a bottle for each member of your group – write names on bottles to prevent mix ups
  • Consider wide mouth and straw lid bottles for easier refilling
  • Attach a carabiner clip to make carrying easy
  • Use insulated bottles to keep water cold longer on hot days
  • Pack flavor powders or electrolyte tabs to customize your water
  • Rinse bottles at night to prevent odors and buildup
  • Bring a backup collapsible bottle in case primary bottle cracks or leaks

Are there any security considerations?

Disney bag check and security does inspect all bags and items brought into the parks. To make the security process smooth, be prepared for the following when brining water bottles:

  • Have bottles empty before going through bag check
  • Be ready to detach bottles from bags for inspection
  • Expect bottles to be opened for inspection
  • Be ready to take a sip to demonstrate contents if asked by security

As long as bottles meet the stated requirements and only contain plain water, there should not be any issues getting them into the parks.


Bringing your own reusable water bottles is highly recommended for Disney park visits. The free refill stations make it easy to stay hydrated. There are just a few guidelines to follow in terms of bottle types, fill contents and security policies. Taking your own bottles saves money, reduces waste and keeps you hydrated in the Florida sun. Staying hydrated makes for a much more enjoyable Disney experience.