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Why did Love name her baby Henry?

Choosing a name for a new baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. The name will be part of the child’s identity for life, so it’s an important decision. Many factors go into picking the perfect name, from honoring family members to choosing something stylish and unique. So why did new mom Love decide to name her son Henry?

The Meaning Behind the Name Henry

Henry is a classic boy’s name with English origins that means “ruler of the home” or “estate ruler.” It’s a strong, distinguished name with historical significance. Eight British kings have been named Henry, starting in the 12th century, so it has a royal pedigree. The name has been very popular for generations and has never truly gone out of style. It has a vintage feel but also works well for modern boys. The nickname Hank gives it a casual, friendly option too.

Honoring Family Members

Often baby names are chosen to honor beloved family members. Love may have selected Henry to carry on her family’s tradition of passing this name from generation to generation. Or perhaps Henry was the name of a grandfather, uncle or godfather that held special meaning to Love. Using family names is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to those who came before while also giving the child a sense of lineage.

Family Surnames as First Names

Love may have picked Henry because it matches her last name. Using longtime surnames as first names is an old custom that is getting some modern revival. Singer Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell both have family surnames as their first names. For Love, naming her son Henry could be a way to honor her family name in a fresh way.

Henry’s Popularity as a Baby Name

Henry has been one of the most enduringly popular names for boys. Here’s a look at Henry’s rank on the Social Security Administration’s list of top baby names over the past decade:

Year Rank
2022 9
2021 9
2020 12
2019 12
2018 12
2017 12
2016 18
2015 22
2014 25
2013 28

As you can see, Henry has consistently ranked in the top 30 names for boys over the past decade. It reached a peak of popularity at #9 in both 2021 and 2022. Parents today love the traditional charm of this name. And there are lots of famous and influential Henrys throughout history that give the name positive associations, such as Henry Ford, Henry David Thoreau and Henry VIII.

The Appeal of Classic Boy Names

Names like Henry, James, William and Oliver have endured decade after decade because parents are drawn to their familiarity and rich history. These classic names have a cozy, vintage feel but still work for modern boys. Short, uncomplicated names in the 1-2 syllable range like Henry have an approachable, friendly quality. Love may have chosen timeless Henry so that her son would have a name that ages gracefully across his lifetime.

Sibling Names for Henry

If baby Henry has older siblings, his name may have been selected to fit in with their names. Certain styles and first initials can help bond siblings. Here are some great name ideas that work with Henry:

For Brothers

  • Henry and Oliver
  • Henry and Benjamin
  • Henry and Theodore
  • Henry and Sebastian
  • Henry and Alexander

For Sisters

  • Henry and Charlotte
  • Henry and Amelia
  • Henry and Penelope
  • Henry and Josephine
  • Henry and Ella

Henry pairs nicely with so many children’s names. Love likely considered her existing kids’ names when settling on Henry for the new baby of the family.

Naming the Baby After the Father

There’s a tradition of naming the firstborn son after the father. If Henry is the father’s name, choosing to pass down the moniker to his son would be very meaningful. It continues the family legacy while honoring the deep bond between father and child. If her partner’s name is Henry, this could explain Love’s name selection.

Junior Name Variations

Using “Junior” and the father’s exact name is one option, such as Henry Smith Jr. Other possibilities include Henry II, Hank Smith or Henry S. Smith. Love may have gone for one of these variations rather than make her son an official junior. It’s still a nice nod to dad while giving the baby his own name identity.


Naming a new baby is a major milestone filled with joy. For Love and her partner, choosing to name their son Henry likely has special significance. The name’s meaning, connection to family history, popularity and antique charm probably appealed to them. This traditional name with endless nickname possibilities provides the perfect fit for their bundle of joy. Little Henry is sure to grow into his regal, distinguished name.