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Do dashers get paid more than tip?

This is a common question that many customers have when using food delivery services like DoorDash. With the rise of gig economy jobs like food delivery driving, there is some confusion around how drivers get paid and whether the tip really goes to the driver fully. In this article, we’ll break down exactly how DoorDash pay works and whether drivers end up getting paid more than just the tip amount.

How Does DoorDash Pay Work?

DoorDash has a somewhat complex pay model that takes into account multiple factors. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Base Pay: This is a minimum amount DoorDash will pay per order, usually $2-10.
  • Promotions: Drivers may get bonus pay for peak times or completing a certain number of deliveries.
  • Tips: Customers can tip in the app and 100% goes to the driver.
  • Mileage: DoorDash pays a certain amount per mile from the restaurant to the customer’s location.

The amount a driver earns per order is the combination of these payments. So for example, if the base pay was $7, the customer tipped $5, and the mileage pay was $3, the driver would earn $15 for that delivery.

Does the Tip Go Fully to the Driver?

One common concern is whether the tip actually goes fully to the driver as additional pay. With DoorDash, the answer is yes – 100% of tips go directly to the driver. This was not always the case – in 2019, DoorDash got in hot water for subsidizing base pay with tips and later changed their model. But now the policy is clear – tips are always in addition to base pay and mileage.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay Without Tips?

Since base pay, promotions, and mileage amounts vary, how much a driver can expect to earn without tips also varies. Here are some averages:

  • Base pay: $2-10 per order
  • Promotions: $2-5 extra during peak times
  • Mileage: $0.50-1 per mile

So for example, if the base pay was $7, there was a $3 promotion, and the order was 5 miles, the pay without the tip would be $7 + $3 + $2.50 = $12.50

Most drivers report that on average, they earn $15-25 per delivery from DoorDash before tips. Of course this can vary a lot depending on promotions, mileage, and time of day.

How Much Do Dashers Earn on Average?

According to data from DoorDash, the average dasher earns around $25 per hour. Of course, individual earnings can vary quite a bit. Here are some factors that affect average earnings:

  • Hours worked: Dashers earn more during peak dinner hours.
  • Location: Busy urban areas pay more than slower suburbs.
  • Promotions: Earnings surge during promotions.
  • Tips: Higher tips increase total earnings.

DoorDash reports that on average, dashers earn about $25 per hour worked when accounting for all pay factors. This breaks down to $18-22 per hour from DoorDash payments like base, promotions, and mileage. Tips then add an additional $3-8 per hour on average.

Do Dashers Earn More from Tips or DoorDash Pay?

In most cases, DoorDash drivers earn slightly more from DoorDash payments than they do from tips. On average tips make up about 20-30% of total earnings. However, tips can sometimes surpass DoorDash pay during extremely busy times or if customers are feeling extra generous.

Here is a rough breakdown of typical pay sources according to driver data:

  • Base Pay: $60-70 per shift
  • Promotions: $20-40 per shift
  • Mileage: $10-20 per shift
  • Tips: $40-60 per shift

So in an 8 hour shift, a typical driver may earn around $100-140 from DoorDash payments, and $40-60 from tips. But there is a lot of variation, and tips make up a crucial portion of earnings. During peak times, earnings from tips and DoorDash pay may be closer to 50/50.

How Much Should You Tip Your Dasher?

Since tips are an important part of driver earnings, it’s good to tip at least 15-20% if you receive good service. DoorDash also recommends the following tipping guidelines based on order size:

Order Total Recommended Tip
$20 $4
$30 $6
$40 $8
$50 $10
$75 $15

However, you can always tip more for excellent service or less if there were issues. Many customers tip 20-25% to account for gas and expenses. Ultimately it comes down to your satisfaction with the overall experience.

Do Dashers Prefer Cash Tips?

Most dashers prefer to receive tips through the DoorDash app rather than cash. Here are a few reasons why:

  • No need to carry cash: Handling cash creates extra risk and hassle.
  • Tax purposes: Tips on the app are recorded for their taxes.
  • Guaranteed earnings: Cash could get lost or stolen.
  • No delay: In-app tips are paid out immediately.

However, cash tips are still appreciated if that is more convenient for you as a customer. But in general, tipping on the app is safer and easier for drivers.

Do Dashers Get 100% of Tips?

Yes, DoorDash now makes it clear in their policies that dashers receive 100% of all tips on top of their base pay and promotions. This came after backlash when they were accused of subsidizing base rates with tips, but that policy has been corrected.

All tips you leave in the DoorDash app go directly to the dasher who completes your delivery. DoorDash does not take any portion of tips – they are in addition to a dasher’s pay. So you can confidently tip drivers knowing they will receive your full tip amount.

Should You Tip DoorDash Drivers?

Yes, it is standard etiquette to tip DoorDash drivers, just like you would for restaurant servers or other delivery drivers. Since a significant portion of their earnings comes from tips, it is customary to tip 15-20% or more for good service.

DoorDash drivers rely on tips to make this job profitable. Base pay from DoorDash often doesn’t cover gas, vehicle wear and tear, and other expenses alone. Tips help make the pay fair for the service provided.

Do Dashers Prefer Cash or In-App Tips?

Most DoorDash drivers prefer to receive tips through the app rather than cash. The main reasons are:

  • Convenience: No need to carry cash and make change.
  • Security: Cash can be lost or stolen, while app tips are tracked.
  • Taxes: In-app tips are recorded for tax reporting purposes.
  • Speed: App tips are paid out to drivers right away.

However, some drivers don’t mind cash tips for small orders where it’s convenient for the customer. But in general, most dashers prefer receiving tips through the app for reliability and simplicity.


In most cases, DoorDash drivers earn slightly more from DoorDash payments like base pay and promotions than they do from tips. However, tips make up 20-30% of total earnings on average and are essential for making delivery driving worthwhile.

To support your drivers, it’s recommended to tip at least 15-20% based on factors like order size, distance, and service quality. While not always the biggest portion of earnings, tips are a significant supplement to base pay and help dashers earn fair wages.

DoorDash’s pay model has evolved to be more transparent and pass 100% of tips to drivers. So customers can be confident that when tipping in the app, the entire amount goes straight to the dasher as extra pay for completing your delivery.