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Glow In The Dark Coconut Rum Shot For Halloween

This spooky season, why not serve up a cocktail that’s as eerie as it is delicious? A glow-in-the-dark coconut rum shot is just the thing to set your Halloween party aglow. And the best part? It’s ridiculously easy to make, requiring only three ingredients: strawberry pucker schnapps, coconut rum, and riboflavin capsules. With these simple components, you’ll be concocting a black light reactive shooter that’s sure to cast a spell on your guests. The sweet and sour flavors of the DeKuyper brand strawberry pucker schnapps will pair perfectly with the tropical, exotic taste of your chosen coconut rum, all while the riboflavin capsules add an otherworldly glow under black light. It’s like serving up a shot of pure magic!

What is Riboflavin?

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While crafting your glow-in-the-dark shooter, it’s essential to use riboflavin capsules rather than tablets. These capsules contain Vitamin B2, a vital nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily processes, including cell growth and brain function. Naturally occurring sources of riboflavin include eggs, milk, meat, green vegetables, and enriched flour.You can easily procure riboflavin capsules from Amazon or your local pharmacy. As one of the few vitamins that emits a vibrant yellow glow under UV light, it’s an ideal addition to this unique cocktail. Notably, Vitamin B2 is harmless and actually beneficial, making it a fun and safe ingredient to work with.When incorporating riboflavin into candy recipes or cocktails, its somewhat bitter taste in larger quantities may be noticeable. However, the small amount required for this glow-in-the-dark drink will likely go unnoticed. If you do opt to use more riboflavin in other recipes, a touch of sugar can effectively counteract any bitterness.Fortunately, excess riboflavin is naturally eliminated by the body, even at higher doses. This means you can enjoy multiple shots of your fluorescent neon cocktail without worrying about adverse effects.

How to Make this Halloween Shot with Rum

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To create a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark coconut rum shot for Halloween, you’ll need a few simple ingredients and some creative mixing. If you have a graduated cylinder, use it; if not, a large shot glass will suffice. Start by combining the coconut rum with a splash of yellow powder – just a small amount will do! As you mix, the drink will take on an orange hue.Next, slowly pour the orange mixture into the cylinder or shot glass. Then, combine a tiny bit more of that yellow powder with some additional coconut rum. This time, your mixture should turn a vibrant yellow.Carefully add the yellow mixture to the original orange liquid, and watch as it transforms into a stunning black light reactive shooter. The best part? You can make these ahead of time for your Halloween party, and they’re sure to be a hit! As you pour, the color will graduate from bright yellow at the top to deep orange at the bottom – a truly eye-catching effect.These shooters are almost too beautiful to capture in a photo, but trust us, they’ll impress your friends with their creativity and glow. So go ahead, get creative with vitamins that react under black light, and amaze your guests with these one-of-a-kind cocktails!

Fluorescent Neon Cocktail Variations

Feel free to swap out the ingredients for a unique twist on this glow-in-the-dark drink. Consider substituting the rum with gin, tequila, or vodka to change up the flavor profile. Alternatively, swap out the strawberry pucker for another fruit liqueur to add some variety. While I’m personally fond of the strawberry taste and the pop of color it adds to the Halloween-themed shot, experimenting with raspberry pucker schnapps is also a great idea. And don’t stress if things don’t turn out exactly as planned – after all, you can always enjoy any ‘mistakes’ that result!

Glow in the Dark Rum Shot FAQs

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When it comes to finding graduated cylinders for shots, I was pleasantly surprised to discover them in the Halloween section at Michael’s craft store. You can also find an abundance of options online. While the ones from Michael’s are great for drinkware, they don’t rely on their measurements being accurate. If you’re unable to find graduated cylinders nearby and prefer not to shop online, a 3-ounce double shot glass will work as a substitute, although the color gradation may be less noticeable.Regarding the safety of drinking Riboflavin, I’m happy to report that it’s considered safe. In fact, any excess Riboflavin is expelled through the urinary tract, making it a harmless addition to your shots.One question you might have is whether the Riboflavin affects the taste of the shot. The answer is no – in small amounts, the Riboflavin won’t alter the flavor. However, if you consume large quantities, you may detect a slightly bitter taste.Finally, it’s worth noting that this shot won’t glow in the dark without a black light. Riboflavin fluoresces, which means it requires the energy from UV light or a black light to activate its molecules and produce the glowing effect.If you enjoy this black light reactive shooter, you might also appreciate other Halloween-themed shots like Vampire Kiss Jello Shots for Fireball Shooter, Vampire Kiss Halloween Vial Shooter – Rum Shots, or Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Shaped Mini Bundt Cakes.

Glow in the Dark Coconut Rum Shot Recipe

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Glow in the Dark Coconut Rum Shot for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, I’m excited to share with you a spooky yet easy-to-make cocktail recipe – a glow-in-the-dark coconut rum shot that’s sure to cast a spell on your party guests! To create this mesmerizing beverage, you’ll need only three ingredients, including vitamins that react to black light and emit a radiant glow. The result is a fluorescent neon drink that’s as eerie as it is delicious, perfect for serving at your next costume party or haunted gathering.

Ingredients 1x2x3x

When it comes to crafting the perfect cocktail, precision is key. For this recipe, you’ll need 1/2 ounce of schnapps – we recommend using DeKuyper Strawberry Pucker for its sweet and fruity flavor. Next, divide 2 ounces of coconut rum, such as Malibu, into two equal portions. Finally, make sure to use a riboflavin, Vitamin B-2 capsule (not tablets) to add an extra layer of depth to your drink. And don’t forget to keep your screen from going dark by switching to Cook Mode – this way, you can focus on mixing and not worrying about the lights dimming.


With a measuring cup featuring a pour spout, carefully measure out strawberry pucker and pour it into a graduated cylinder, leaving behind any residual droplets. You’ll be using these leftover drops in the next step. Next, add one ounce of coconut rum to the measuring cup, allowing it to combine with the remaining strawberry pucker and produce a pink-tinged rum. Gently open a single Riboflavin capsule and sprinkle a small amount of the yellow powder on top of the tinted rum – a little goes a long way. Mix the powder into the rum, watching as it transforms from pink to orange. Tip the graduated cylinder at a slight angle and slowly pour the orange-tinged rum along its inside wall. Then, add the remaining one ounce of coconut rum to your measuring cup. Repeat the process of sprinkling a very small amount of Riboflavin onto the surface of the rum and mixing it in, this time transforming the rum from yellow back to its original color.


The nutritional information for this glow-in-the-dark coconut rum shot is as follows: 167 calories, 3g of carbohydrates, a mere 1mg each of sodium and potassium, 3g of sugar, and 1mg of iron. These values provide a snapshot of the drink’s composition.

As soon as I mastered the recipe for this eerie concoction, I was thrilled to give it a try! I’m confident that this spooky shot with a hint of rum will be a major hit at Halloween gatherings, and you can expect your friends to be clamoring for the recipe. If you’re looking for another wicked cocktail to serve on All Hallows’ Eve, consider checking out our Black Halloween Cosmopolitan Cocktail.