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Strawberry Paloma Tequila Cocktail With Fresh Grapefruit Juice

As a self-proclaimed strawberry enthusiast, I’m delighted to share my passion for incorporating these sweet and tangy berries into various creations – from delectable treats like strawberry lemonade bars and homemade oat bars to refreshing beverages. My strawberry paloma recipe is no exception. This revitalizing cocktail combines the essence of fresh strawberries, grapefruit, honey, and ginger beer with a splash of tequila. The result is an easy-to-make yet impressive drink that’s sure to become a favorite among friends and family. If you’re searching for innovative ways to enjoy strawberries or looking to expand your repertoire beyond margaritas, this recipe is a must-try. Even if you have some tequila lingering in the pantry, it’s always worth adding an easy paloma recipe to your arsenal – and who knows, you might just discover a new go-to cocktail!

How to Make a Strawberry Paloma

To create this scrumptious strawberry tequila cocktail, start by ‘muddling’ fresh strawberries with honey. Muddling, which falls somewhere between gentle smooshing and light pulverizing, can be achieved using a muddler tool or simply a wooden spoon. A wooden meat mallet can also come in handy for extracting the juice from the strawberries. Aim for a gentle extraction of the juices, as you don’t want to overdo it. The goal is to release enough of the sweet and tangy strawberry essence without crushing them entirely.Next, combine the tequila and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker, ensuring everything gets well mixed. Don’t be shy – give it a good shake! Once combined, pour the mixture into four serving glasses filled with ice. The final step is to add ginger beer for an added layer of depth and spice. If you’re not a fan of ginger, feel free to substitute ginger ale or another soda of your choice, such as seltzer water, for a slightly different flavor profile.

What is the Best Garnish for a Tequila Cocktail Recipe?

When it comes to garnishing this strawberry tequila cocktail, I opted for a combination of strawberry slices and fresh rosemary sprigs. Other options could include mint sprigs, lemon or lime slices – really any citrus fruit would add a pop of color and flavor. The key is to find something that complements the sweet and tangy flavors of the drink.For an added touch, you might consider giving the cocktail a salt rim. To do this, simply run a wedge of lemon or lime around the rim of the glass and then dip it into a plate of salt (or sugar, if you prefer). Just be sure to add the salt rim before pouring in the cocktail – otherwise, you’ll end up with a mess on your hands!The combination of salt and acidic juice is a classic pairing that works particularly well with drinks like this. The acidity of the lime or lemon juice helps to balance out the sweetness of the strawberry puree, while the salt adds a touch of savory flavor. It’s a match made in heaven!

What Kind of Grapefruit Juice is Best for a Paloma?

When it comes to preparing grapefruit juice for this recipe, you have two options: juicing fresh grapefruits yourself or purchasing unsweetened juice from a grocery store. Freshly squeezed juice allows you to control the level of sweetness by adding honey to taste. On the other hand, if you’re using store-bought grapefruit juice, make sure it’s unsweetened so you can adjust the sweetness as needed. If you do choose to use sweetened grapefruit juice, such as grapefruit juice with strawberries, be aware that the level of sweetness may impact your honey addition; you might need to reduce or omit the honey altogether.

More about this Tequila Cocktail Recipe

In the world of mixology, Paloma is a name that evokes the tranquility of its namesake bird, the dove. But in reality, it’s a vibrant cocktail that’s just as refreshing. Typically, a traditional Paloma consists of tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit-flavored soda – think Fresca, Jarritos, or Squurt. The rim might be salted, but that’s not always a requirement. What sets the Paloma apart is its simplicity: at its core, it’s just tequila and grapefruit-flavored soda, mixed to perfection.

Similar Tequila Recipes to a Paloma

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The cantarito, similar to the easy paloma recipe, takes its citrusy twist with the addition of lemon and orange juice. Meanwhile, the greyhound cocktail – a vodka or gin mixed with grapefruit juice – is another popular creation. The margarita, a tequila-based drink that relies on Cointreau for sweetness, stands out from the paloma’s sweetener options, which typically include sweetened grapefruit soda or ginger beer. Interestingly, the paloma holds a special place as Mexico’s national drink, with its popularity soaring during scorching hot days – not surprisingly, it’s actually more beloved than the margarita! Despite being a relatively recent addition to the cocktail family tree, with its roots dating back only around 20 years, the easy paloma recipe has become a well-known and widely ordered drink in bars globally.

What Kind of Tequila is Best in a Paloma?

When crafting a strawberry paloma or any other tequila-based cocktail, the type of tequila used can significantly impact the final product. I strongly advocate for using a 100% agave tequila, as it provides a purer and more refined flavor profile compared to its mixto counterpart. Mixto tequilas are often blended with sugar cane and various flavorings or distillates, which can result in a less clean and more artificial taste. In contrast, 100% agave tequilas offer a smoother, more natural flavor that pairs exceptionally well with the sweetness of strawberries. For this particular cocktail, I highly recommend opting for a 100% agave tequila to allow its unique characteristics to shine through. If you’re interested in exploring other recipes, you might also enjoy our Passion Fruit Lime Margarita Cocktail, Vegan + Gluten-Free Strawberry Oat Bars, or Sparkling Blueberry Ice Cream Float.

Strawberry Paloma Cocktail Recipe

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Strawberry Paloma

Bella Bucchiotti’s latest creation is a refreshing twist on the classic Paloma cocktail. This strawberry-infused recipe combines the sweetness of fresh strawberries, the tanginess of grapefruit, the warmth of honey, and the spicy kick of ginger beer. A perfect blend for those looking to shake up their cocktail game or seeking a sweet treat to pair with their favorite dishes. With a preparation time of just 10 minutes and serving four glasses, this strawberry Paloma recipe is an effortless delight that’s sure to become a new favourite.

Ingredients 1x2x3x

To craft this refreshing drink, you’ll need to combine the following ingredients: a generous 1 1/2 cups of grapefruit juice, half a cup of honey for sweetness, one full cup of tequila for a tangy kick, 1 1/2 cups of sliced strawberries for a burst of flavor and color, one cup of ginger beer or soda to add some fizz, and finally, two cups of ice to chill the mixture. Don’t forget to keep your screen lit with Cook Mode to ensure you can continue crafting without any interruptions.


To craft this refreshing Paloma cocktail, start by combining fresh strawberries and honey in a shaker. Muddle them together until the fruit releases its natural juices, creating a sweet and tangy mixture. Next, add a splash of tequila and grapefruit juice, then vigorously shake the concoction to fully incorporate the flavors. Fill four glasses with ice and pour the Paloma mixture over the top, filling each glass almost to the brim. Finally, finish each drink off with a splash of ginger beer, creating a delightful balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Serve immediately and enjoy!


The nutritional profile of this refreshing Strawberry Paloma is impressive, boasting 345 kilocalories, 54 grams of carbohydrates, and minimal amounts of protein, fat, and sodium. A significant portion of the carbohydrates come from natural sugars, with 52 grams present in each serving. The fiber content is relatively low at 1 gram per serving. In terms of vitamins, this drink is a good source of vitamin C, providing 56 milligrams per serving. Calcium, potassium, and iron levels are also moderate, with 24 milligrams, 250 milligrams, and 1 milligram, respectively. Vitamin A contributes 13 international units to the overall nutritional profile. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe, please rate and comment below! This easy paloma recipe is a great addition to any gathering, and its strawberry flavor is sure to become a favorite. If you’re looking for more innovative cocktail recipes or ways to incorporate strawberries into your drinks, let me know in the comments.