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How do I enter Big Brother?

Big Brother is a popular reality TV show that follows a group of strangers living together in a house isolated from the outside world. Contestants on the show are continuously monitored by cameras and microphones as they compete in challenges and vote each other out of the house. Entering Big Brother as a contestant is an exciting opportunity, but the selection process is very competitive. Here are some tips on how to get on Big Brother.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Big Brother, you must meet some basic requirements:

  • You must be a legal US resident and at least 21 years old
  • You cannot be employed by CBS or any affiliate company
  • You must be available for filming for up to 3 months with no outside communication
  • You cannot be running for political office or connected to any political campaign

You should also consider factors like your personality, lifestyle, and how you would adapt to living in the Big Brother house. Outgoing dynamic personalities tend to do well on the show.

Submit an Audition Video

The first step in applying for Big Brother is to create an audition video introducing yourself and explaining why you would be great on the show. Your video should be 2-3 minutes long and highlight your personality. Some tips for making a standout audition tape:

  • Be energetic and engaging – give producers a taste of your personality
  • Share unique facts and life experiences that set you apart
  • Talk about why you want to be on Big Brother and what strategies you would use
  • Highlight skills like athleticism, intelligence or social gameplay
  • Have fun with it! Do something memorable and give producers a show

Make sure your video shows your genuine self and avoids coming across as overly rehearsed. Use creative angles and lighting to make it visually dynamic. Your audition tape is your first impression so put effort into making it shine.

The Application Form

In addition to submitting a video, you must fill out the Big Brother casting application form. This involves providing basic information like:

  • Your full legal name, contact details and location
  • Your age, height, occupation and relationship status
  • Background questions about your family, interests, and life experiences
  • Your motivation and strategy for competing on Big Brother
  • Authorization and release forms

Provide detailed and thoughtful responses on the application to give casting directors a sense of who you are and what you would bring to the show.

Open Call Auditions

Big Brother also holds open call auditions in various cities across the US each year. Attending an open call gives you the opportunity to audition face-to-face with a producer. You will interview with them, deliver your audition pitch, and answer questions. Tips for open call auditions:

  • Practice and memorize your pitch beforehand like you would for a video audition
  • Dress to impress – make sure your appearance is polished and camera-ready
  • Bring an updated copy of your application form and any photos/videos that support your casting
  • Arrive early – waits can be long so make sure you give yourself plenty of time
  • Be confident engaging with producers and let your personality shine through

Keep in mind at an open call you only get a few minutes to make an impression. Deliver your pitch clearly and avoid rambling – the time will go quickly so make the most of it!

Interviews and Testing

After submitting your initial application and audition, the casting process involves multiple interview rounds. Early interviews take place over the phone, Skype or Zoom with producers to further assess if you are a good fit and TV-worthy. Later interviews transition to an in-person format.

During interviews you can expect:

  • Questions about your background, personality, lifestyle and motivations
  • Hypothetical game scenarios and strategy conversations
  • On-camera challenges to test your reactions and critical thinking
  • A psychological evaluation and perhaps medical testing

Be authentic, articulate and engaging throughout the interview process. Producers are looking for dynamic personalities who can thrive in the game and generate entertainment value on the show.

Finalist Selection

After numerous audition stages that can span months, Big Brother producers and executives will make final decisions on who will be cast for the upcoming season. This involves intensive deliberation to find the right mix of contestants.

As a finalist, you will:

  • Complete contracts for appearing on the show
  • Participate in promo photo/video shoots for marketing
  • Get briefed on rules and start sequester before move-in

Final casting often happens only a few weeks before filming starts. If selected, drop everything and make sure you are ready to fully commit to the demanding Big Brother experience!

Stand Out From the Crowd

With tens of thousands of hopefuls applying each year, you need to find ways to separate yourself from the pack. Some tips:

  • Highlight unique life experiences and skills – anything that makes you different
  • Come up with creative presentation ideas for your audition
  • Research the show so you understand strategies for success
  • Practice interview skills and articulate your personality/motivations
  • Convey your passion and preparedness for competing on Big Brother

The more you can stand out while showing you are ready to play the game, the better your chances of being chosen.

Come Back Year After Year

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t cast the first time you apply. Many Big Brother contestants auditioned multiple times before being accepted. Persistence is key. Analyze what you could improve and keep refining your application strategy each year.

Ways to step up your game for future auditions cycles:

  • Submit new audition videos showing your personal growth
  • Take acting or improv classes to polish your on-camera presence
  • Stay up to date on recent seasons to understand successful gameplay
  • Get into better physical shape to compete in competitions
  • Highlight new life developments and maturity since your last audition

Keep perfecting every aspect of your Big Brother application and try to address any weaknesses casting directors mentioned previously. With hard work and persistence, your time on Big Brother could be in the future!


Securing a highly coveted spot on Big Brother takes creativity, determination and resilience. From eligibility requirements to open calls to finalist selection, the casting process is grueling. Standing out with a memorable audition tape, polished interview skills and a TV-friendly personality are musts. Keep persevering through multiple audition attempts and refine your approach each time. With the right strategy and a lot of heart, you could fulfill your dream of entering the Big Brother house!