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What does Lawbringer say For Honor?

Lawbringer is one of the playable hero characters in the action fighting game For Honor. As a versatile hybrid class, Lawbringer has access to various moves, combos, executions, and voice lines that players can unlock and use during matches.

In particular, Lawbringer has a wide selection of voice lines that he will say during battles, many of which reference bringing justice and the law to enemies. His deep, gravelly voice delivers iconic lines that have become staples of the Lawbringer hero.

Lawbringer’s Personality and Background

As one of the Knights faction heroes, Lawbringer fits the role of a heavily armored enforcer of the law. Wearing full plate armor and wielding a poleaxe, Lawbringer’s appearance and weapons match his personality and background.

His armor provides excellent protection at the cost of mobility, reflecting the Lawbringer’s focus on resilient, unflinching justice. The poleaxe allows him to adapt to any situation by switching between axe, spear, and hammer modes. This versatility mirrors the Lawbringer’s dedication to prosecuting justice through any means necessary.

According to his background lore, Lawbringers are judges, jailers, and executioners rolled into one. They have complete authority to punish criminals and deliver justice on the spot. As a result, Lawbringers will not hesitate to execute swift sentences, leveraging their imposing size and presence.

Lawbringer’s Iconic Voice Lines

When in battle, Lawbringers will call out a variety of memorable voice lines that have become staples of the character:

  • “The law will judge you!”
  • “There will be order!”
  • “Enough sheep swill. You face the law!”
  • “Justice has come for you!”
  • “Repent sinner!”

These lines deliver a clear message – Lawbringer is the arbiter of justice and he will crush anybody who breaks the law or threatens order. The sheer heaviness of his voice accentuates each line, making them more impactful.

Voice Line Unlocks

Players can unlock additional Lawbringer voice lines by increasing their Reputation with the hero. Reputation is increased by gaining experience and levels while playing as Lawbringer. The higher the Reputation, the more voice lines, armor, weapons, and abilities players can access.

Here are some of the unique Lawbringer voice lines unlocked at higher Reputation levels:

  • Reputation 1: “Enough of that, time to die.”
  • Reputation 3: “Confess or be condemned.”
  • Reputation 5: “Cease this madness, you face the long arm of the law.”
  • Reputation 7: “Your outlaw ways end here.”
  • Reputation 9: “There’s no pardons from this sentence.”

Unlocking new voice lines allows players to hear even more of Lawbringer’s characteristic justice quotes. They also enable players to better roleplay the fantasy of being a merciless enforcer of the law.

Emote Voice Lines

In addition to automatically triggering during fights, players can also manually trigger certain Lawbringer voice lines using Emotes.

By assigning Emotes to quick chat inputs, players can command Lawbringer to say specific taunts at any time. Here are some especially memorable emote lines:

  • “Halt villain, justice has come for you this day.”
  • “Confess your crimes now and justice will be merciful.”
  • “You face the paragon of the law!”
  • “Repent now or justice will break you.”

Emote voice lines allow players to taunt their foes or lean into the Lawbringer persona for dramatic effect.

Execution Lines

When Lawbringer utilizes certain executions on enemies, he will sometimes vocalize a context-specific line. These execution lines add some characterful flair to finishing off foes.

For example, during the “Curb Stomp” execution, Lawbringer will yell “Yield to the law!” as he stomps on the opponent’s head. And during the lengthy “Impaler” execution, Lawbringer declares “Justice takes time…” as he slowly impales the enemy.

These lines sync up with the action of Lawbringer executing justice upon defeated criminals. They allow players to savor the combination ofLawbringer’s iconic voice, weaponry, and personality.


Lawbringer’s voice lines are an iconic part of the hero that immerse players in the fantasy of being an unwavering dispenser of justice. From his characteristic shouts of “Repent sinner!” to his emotes urging foes to confess, Lawbringer’s voice helps define his intense personality and background.

Unlocking new and varied lines through Reputation levels keeps gameplay interesting while also enhancing roleplaying opportunities. And hearing Lawbringer’s grave declarations during climactic executions cements his status as For Honor’s stalwart enforcer of law and order.

So if you find yourself questioning what exactly it is Lawbringer says during the heat of battle, remember it’s all in the name of righteous, uncompromising justice served up by poleaxe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What faction is Lawbringer part of?

Lawbringer belongs to the Knight faction.

What weapons does Lawbringer use?

Lawbringer wields a versatile poleaxe that can switch between axe, hammer, and spear modes.

What is Lawbringer’s class and playstyle?

Lawbringer is a Heavy-Hybrid class mix, focusing on strong defenses, stamina pressure, and counter-attacking.

How do you unlock more Lawbringer voice lines?

Increasing your Reputation by leveling up while playing Lawbringer will unlock new voice lines.

Can Lawbringer be customized or outfitted with new armor?

Yes, Lawbringer has a wide variety of armor, weapons, helmets, materials, colors, patterns, effects, and emotes that can be unlocked and equipped.

Lawbringer’s Most Famous Voice Lines

Here is a summary of some of Lawbringer’s most well-known and impacted voice lines:

Voice Line Context
“Enough sheep swill. You face the law!” Round start battle cry
“Justice has come for you!” Attacking an enemy
“Repent sinner!” General battle cry
“Your outlaw ways end here.” Reputation 7 unlock
“Halt villain, justice has come for you this day.” Emote

How Lawbringer Was Created

Lawbringer went through an extensive design and development process to become the justice-dispensing heavy hitter seen in For Honor:

Early Concepting

Developers brainstormed various visual concepts, looking at medieval European knights and armors for inspiration. They wanted Lawbringer to look intimidating and heavily-armored.

Animation and Rigging

The animators rigged a complex range of motions to match Lawbringer’s large frame and heavy armor. His movements needed to feel weighted and powerful.

Visual Modeling

3D artists sculpted and textured Lawbringer’s model, creating details in the metal plates, chains, and fabrics. The iconic skull visage was born.

Sound Design

The sound team layered crashing metal and thundering voice lines to complete Lawbringer’s auditory presence. His voice actor was directed to be commanding and severe.

Game Design

Game designers defined Lawbringer’s playstyle, moveset, animations, and abilities to create the hybrid heavy-hitter juggernaut known today.

Lore Writing

Writers penned Lawbringer’s background story, bringing to life the unrelenting enforcer of justice wielding merciless law as his weapon.


In summary, Lawbringer’s distinctive voice lines are integral to immersing players in the experience of bringing justice to the battlefield. Memorable quotes match his appearance and backstory as an armor-clad enforcer wielding a deadly poleaxe. Unlocking new lines through Reputation levels and executions keeps gameplay exciting and deepens roleplaying potential. Lawbringer’s creation was an extensive process that brought together concept artists, animators, sound designers, and writers to craft For Honor’s stalwart defender of law and order.