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How long does Dairy Free Boursin cheese last?

Quick Answers

Dairy free Boursin cheese will generally last for 3-4 weeks past its printed expiration date if unopened and stored properly in the refrigerator. Once opened, it will last for about 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. Dairy free Boursin cheese should be discarded if it develops an off smell, flavor, or appearance. Keeping it tightly sealed, stored in the refrigerator at 40°F or below, and using clean utensils when taking portions can help maximize its shelf life.

How Long Does Unopened Dairy Free Boursin Last?

An unopened package of dairy free Boursin cheese will typically stay fresh for 3-4 weeks past the “best by” or “use by” date printed on the package. The expiration date printed on dairy free Boursin is merely an estimate of how long the cheese will maintain peak quality and flavor. As long as it has been continuously refrigerated, unopened dairy free Boursin cheese stays safe to eat for several weeks beyond this date.

However, take note that dairy free Boursin’s quality slowly declines after the printed date. Its texture may become more crumbly or dry and the flavors less creamy and fresh. Despite some change in eating quality, unopened dairy free Boursin cheese is still perfectly safe to use for 3-4 weeks after the printed expiration date, as long as it was properly stored in the refrigerator.

Factors Affecting Unopened Dairy Free Boursin Shelf Life

Several factors influence how long an unopened package of dairy free Boursin cheese will remain at peak quality:

Factor Impact on Shelf Life
Refrigerator temperature Storing dairy free Boursin at the correct fridge temperature of 40°F or below extends shelf life. Higher temps accelerate spoilage.
Damage to packaging Any tears or openings in the packaging can allow air and contaminants inside, reducing shelf life.
“Best by” date The expiration date should be followed for highest quality, though dairy free Boursin remains safe for 3-4 weeks after.
How many times package is opened Once opened, dairy free Boursin shelf life decreases to 1-2 weeks due to oxygen exposure.

Proper refrigerated storage is key to maximizing the shelf life of unopened dairy free Boursin cheese. Keep the package sealed in the fridge at 40°F or below until you are ready to use it. Avoid temperature fluctuations that could encourage spoilage.

How Long Does Opened Dairy Free Boursin Last?

Once opened, dairy free Boursin cheese has a shorter shelf life of about 1-2 weeks. Exposing dairy free Boursin cheese to oxygen starts the countdown for how long the leftovers will stay fresh in your refrigerator. Follow these guidelines for storing opened dairy free Boursin:

– Keep tightly sealed in its original packaging or an airtight container. Air exposure dries out the cheese.

– Store in the refrigerator within 2 hours of opening. Do not leave dairy free Boursin cheese unrefrigerated.

– Use clean utensils each time you take some cheese to avoid introducing bacteria. Never double dip.

– Watch for mold development, which signals spoilage. Discard if mold appears.

– Use within 5-10 days for best quality and flavor.

– Use within 1-2 weeks for food safety and to avoid foodborne illness.

The exact shelf life of opened dairy free Boursin cheese depends on storage conditions and personal tolerance for changing texture or flavor. At the point you notice an “off” or sour smell, or if mold appears, it is best to discard dairy free Boursin leftovers.

How to Tell if Opened Dairy Free Boursin Cheese is Bad

Here are signs that opened dairy free Boursin cheese has spoiled and needs to be thrown out:

– Sour, unpleasant odor
– Mold growth on the cheese (may appear fuzzy or discolored)
– Change in consistency such as slimy texture or separating liquid
– Hard or dried out portions of cheese
– Strange flavors such as bitterness or “off” taste

If your opened dairy free Boursin displays any of those signs of spoilage, it is best to discard it. Consuming spoiled dairy free Boursin could potentially cause foodborne illness.

How to Store Dairy Free Boursin to Extend Shelf Life

To get the maximum shelf life out of your dairy free Boursin cheese, both opened and unopened, follow these storage guidelines:

Refrigeration Temperature

– Keep dairy free Boursin cheese refrigerated at 40°F or below at all times for food safety.

– Consistent refrigerator temperatures increase shelf life. Avoid frequent openings of the refrigerator door.

– Use cheese within 1 week of purchasing for best flavor if your refrigerator runs warmer than 40°F.


– Leave dairy free Boursin in its original packaging until you are ready to use it.

– Once opened, transfer dairy free Boursin to an airtight storage container. Seal tightly.

– Check packaging for damage like tears or punctures before purchasing. Avoid leaking packages.

Location in Fridge

– Store dairy free Boursin on a shelf in the refrigerator, not in the door where temperatures fluctuate.

– Place on an interior shelf away from air vents to prevent drying out.

– Avoid storing dairy free Boursin near items with strong odors as this can impart off-flavors.

Use Clean Utensils

– Always use clean utensils when taking cheese from the container. Never double dip.

– Wash hands before handling to prevent bacteria transfer.

– Keep the opening of the packaging clean when taking portions to avoid contamination.

Smaller Portions

– Separate larger packages into smaller containers to limit air exposure when opening.

– Wrap small pieces individually in plastic wrap if you won’t use it all quickly.

– Take out smaller amounts as needed instead of leaving the full container open.

Signs Dairy Free Boursin Has Gone Bad

Dairy free Boursin cheese, like most dairy products, has a relatively short shelf life. Make sure to inspect dairy free Boursin cheese before eating and watch for the following signs of spoilage:


Fresh dairy free Boursin has an appealing, smooth cream cheese smell. Rancid or sour odors indicate spoilage. Discard any dairy free Boursin with an unpleasant or “off” smell.


The cheese should look white or off-white. Yellow, gray, or brown discoloration, especially around the edges, signifies dairy free Boursin has gone bad. Mold growth also appears discolored.


Unspoiled dairy free Boursin is smooth and creamy. If the cheese is separating, slimy, dry, or developing hard spots, this indicates it is past its prime.


Toss out any dairy free Boursin that smells or tastes bitter, sour, or strange. Stick to the fresh, creamy, tangy flavor dairy free Boursin is known for. Any “off” tastes mean spoilage.


The development of mold on dairy free Boursin signals it is spoiled and should be discarded. Mold can appear fuzzy or discolored. Never try to scrape off mold and eat the rest!

How to Make Dairy Free Boursin Last Longer

Here are some helpful tips to extend the shelf life of dairy free Boursin cheese:

– Keep unopened packages refrigerated until ready to use. Use within 3-4 weeks of the printed “best by” date.

– Transfer opened dairy free Boursin to a tightly sealed, air-tight container or plastic storage bag. Press out excess air.

– Wrap small pieces or portions separately in plastic wrap. Limit air exposure.

– Take out only the amount of cheese needed instead of leaving the container open.

– Clean utensils and surfaces before taking portions to avoid contamination. Never double dip.

– Store dairy free Boursin away from strong-smelling foods in the refrigerator.

– Keep dairy free Boursin refrigerated at a consistent 40°F temperature or below. Avoid temperature fluctuations.

– Check packaging for damage, leaks, or openings before purchasing. Avoid containers with moisture inside.

– Consume opened dairy free Boursin cheese within 1 week for freshest quality and taste.

– Use opened dairy free Boursin within 1-2 weeks for food safety. Discard when moldy or if odor, color, or texture changes.

Following refrigerated storage guidelines carefully is key to extending the shelf life of your dairy free Boursin cheese. Keeping it properly sealed in an airtight container helps prevent drying out and slows mold growth. Limiting air exposure preserves dairy free Boursin’s fresh, creamy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dairy free Boursin cheese get moldy so fast?

Mold tends to grow quickly on dairy free Boursin cheese due to its high moisture content. Leaving it exposed to air speeds up mold growth. Make sure to seal dairy free Boursin cheese tightly in an airtight container and refrigerate it. Take out only the portion you need and reseal the package each time you open it. Use clean utensils to avoid introducing contaminants. Discard any dairy free Boursin that starts to mold.

Can I freeze dairy free Boursin cheese?

Yes, you can freeze dairy free Boursin cheese to extend its shelf life. Make sure to wrap it airtight in plastic wrap or place in a freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible. Properly frozen dairy free Boursin will last 6-8 months in the freezer before quality starts to decline. Thaw refrigerated overnight before using. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Why does my dairy free Boursin smell bad when it hasn’t expired yet?

Dairy free Boursin may develop a rancid or “off” smell even before its printed expiration date if it has been improperly stored. Allowing the temperature to rise such as leaving it out on the counter or frequent refrigerator door openings can cause spoilage bacteria to grow faster, producing foul odors. Make sure your refrigerator is at 40°F or below. Discard any dairy free Boursin that has an unpleasant or sour smell.

Is it safe to eat dairy free Boursin past the expiration date?

It is generally safe to eat unopened dairy free Boursin for 3-4 weeks past the printed “best by” or “use by” date as long as it has been properly refrigerated the entire time at 40°F or below. The expiration date is simply an estimate for peak freshness, not an indicator of when it becomes unsafe. If dairy free Boursin ever smells bad, appears moldy, or tastes off, it should be discarded for food safety.

How can I use up dairy free Boursin faster before it goes bad?

If you are having trouble using up dairy free Boursin cheese before it spoils, here are some tips:

– Use it as a spread on sandwiches, burgers, or crackers for snacks.

– Mix into mashed potatoes or pasta dishes.

– Top baked potatoes, steamed veggies, or chicken.

– Stuff into celery sticks or mushrooms for a quick appetizer.

– Stir into dips like spinach or artichoke dip.

– Use it in omelets or scrambled eggs.

– Spread it on pizza in place of regular cheese.

Finding creative ways to use dairy free Boursin cheese in recipes helps avoid waste and keeps it from expiring in your refrigerator.


When stored properly in the refrigerator, unopened dairy free Boursin cheese typically stays fresh 3-4 weeks past the printed expiration date, while opened dairy free Boursin lasts 1-2 weeks. Keeping it chilled at 40°F, sealing packages airtight, monitoring for mold growth, and using clean utensils prevents premature spoilage. Discard dairy free Boursin at the first signs of an off smell, texture, or appearance. Following proper storage methods and food safety practices allows you to enjoy the creamy flavors of dairy free Boursin cheese while reducing food waste.