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How much is QuickChek worth?

QuickChek is a popular convenience store chain located primarily in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1967 and has expanded to operate over 150 locations across the state. QuickChek is known for its made-to-order subs, extensive coffee menu, and wide variety of fresh prepared foods.

With its distinctive neon-lit exterior signage and focus on fast service, QuickChek has become ingrained in New Jersey culture over the past 50+ years. However, as a privately held company, QuickChek does not disclose its financial information publicly. So how much is the QuickChek company actually worth?

QuickChek Company Overview

QuickChek was founded in 1967 by five friends withfamily roots in the food industry. The first location opened in Dunellen, New Jersey. In 1968, a second location opened in Somerville, NJ.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, QuickChek expanded steadily across New Jersey, becoming well known for its fresh, high quality prepared foods and customer service. Some key milestones for the company include:

– 1975: QuickChek opens its 10th store location.

– 1980: QuickChek debuts its signature made-to-order sub sandwiches.

– 1982: The 25th QuickChek store opens.

– 1987: QuickChek reaches 50 store locations across NJ.

In 1990, QuickChek was acquired by a group of local investors led by company executives. This ushered in a period of more rapid expansion. By 2000, QuickChek operated over 100 locations.

Some additional key milestones since 2000:

– 2007: QuickChek installs its first fuel station as part of its growth strategy.

– 2009: The company celebrates opening its 150th store.

– 2010: QuickChek debuts its state-of-the-art Legacy Store design in Whitehouse Station, NJ. This begins a full-scale rebranding and remodeling effort.

– 2014: QuickChek offers fresh brewed iced tea at its stores for the first time.

– 2018: QuickChek launches its mobile ordering app.

Today, QuickChek operates over 150 stores across New Jersey. The company employs over 4000 people and continues to open 5-10 new locations each year. QuickChek offers a wide array of freshly prepared foods, custom sandwiches and subs, extensive coffee bar, and now also operates 45 fuel stations.

QuickChek Ownership History

Here is a brief overview of QuickChek’s ownership history:

– 1967: Founded by a group of five local entrepreneurs.

– 1990: Acquired by a group of investors led by company executives.

– 2001: 50% of the company was sold to the Omaha-based investment firm Lindsay Goldberg. This gave them significant ownership and input on expansion plans.

– 2005: Lindsay Goldberg acquired the remaining 50% ownership of QuickChek.

– 2009: The private equity firm First Reserve acquired a majority stake in QuickChek after Lindsay Goldberg put the company up for sale.

– 2018: QuickChek was sold to Murphy USA for $645 million. Murphy USA is a Fortune 500 company that operates over 1,400 gas stations across the U.S., primarily located next to Walmart stores.

So in summary, QuickChek was privately owned for over 30 years before undergoing various ownership changes under private equity firms. It is now owned by Murphy USA after being acquired for $645 million in 2018.

QuickChek Company Financials and Valuation

As a privately held company for most of its history, QuickChek has not disclosed its detailed financial results. However, we can piece together some information from various sources:

– In 2001, it was reported that QuickChek had annual revenues around $200 million.

– In 2009, estimates put QuickChek’s annual sales at over $550 million and its valuation between $200-300 million.

– In 2011, QuickChek was reportedly doing over $10 million in sales per week on average across 111 stores.

– In 2017, estimates placed QuickChek’s annual revenue at nearly $2 billion.

– When Murphy USA acquired QuickChek in 2018, it had 142 store locations and Murphy valued the company at $645 million.

Based on these estimates, we can surmise that QuickChek was generating around $1.5 – 2 billion in annual revenue leading up to its sale in 2018. The company’s growth from 2009 to 2018 was very strong, more than tripling annual sales.

In 2018 when Murphy USA acquired QuickChek, they paid around $4.5 million per store location. This implies QuickChek’s stores were valued at over $4 million on average. For a chain with $2 billion in sales, this $645 million valuation seems reasonable.

Since being bought by Murphy USA, QuickChek has continued expanding by 5-10 stores annually. It likely now generates over $2 billion in annual revenue. We can conservatively estimate QuickChek’s current valuation in the range of $700 – 800 million.

QuickChek Value Drivers and Competitive Position

What has driven QuickChek’s growth in value over the decades? Here are some of the key factors:

– Prime real estate locations: QuickChek focuses on high-traffic corner plots on major highways and intersections. Their convenient locations are a huge draw.

– Strong brand equity in New Jersey: QuickChek is ingrained into NJ culture. Their brand and neon signage is identifiable across the state.

– High sales per store: Each QuickChek brings in over $10 million in annual sales. Their stores have very strong unit economics.

– Diverse revenue streams: Food service, coffee, fuel, beverages, ATMs, and more. This diversification brings resilience.

– Vertical integration: QuickChek bakes all its fresh foods in its own commissary facilities. This ensures quality control.

– Loyal customer base: QuickChek enjoys very strong repeat business and multigenerational loyalty in many towns.

QuickChek also maintains a strong competitive position in the New Jersey convenience market:

– It has greater brand awareness and loyalty than competitors like Wawa, 7-Eleven, and Royal Farms.

– Its locations are optimized and products tailored to the New Jersey lifestyle and tastes.

– QuickChek invests heavily in quality ingredients, food preparation, and customer service.

– Its fuel station expansion improved convenience and unlocked a new revenue stream.

Overall, QuickChek’s excellent store execution, loyal customer base, vertically integrated food production, and targeted mid-Atlantic focus have allowed it to gain market share and steadily grow its valuation. The company appears well positioned to continue expanding across New Jersey in coming years.

QuickChek Valuation Comparables

To further benchmark QuickChek’s estimated $700 – $800 million valuation, we can look at valuation multiples for similar publicly traded convenience chains:

Company Market Cap Revenue P/S Multiple
Casey’s General Stores $6.5B $12.5B 0.52x
Murphy USA $4.8B $16.6B 0.29x
7-Eleven (Japan) $16.5B $22B 0.75x

With estimated annual revenue around $2 billion, QuickChek’s ~$750 million estimated valuation is reasonable at approximately 0.38x P/S multiple. This is well in line with major publicly traded convenience store chains.

Based on these comparables, QuickChek appears to be appropriately valued given its strong market position, brand value, and growth prospects in New Jersey.

Valuing QuickChek’s Growth Potential

When valuing QuickChek, it’s also important to consider the company’s future expansion opportunities. Here are some key growth drivers that add to QuickChek’s fundamental value:

– New store openings: QuickChek plans to open 50-100 more locations in NJ over the next 5-10 years.

– Expanded food service: Adding more fresh food and beverage options can drive sales growth per store.

– Food delivery: QuickChek’s mobile app and delivery partnerships with UberEats, DoorDash, etc. open a new revenue stream.

– Further fuel expansion: Converting more stores to offer fuel could bring a meaningful sales lift.

– Peak store optimization: Remodeling and renovating existing stores to match the “Legacy” store design has been very successful.

– Geographic expansion: QuickChek could expand into adjacent markets like New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware in the future.

Taking into account these growth opportunities, QuickChek likely has upside valuation potential in the range of $800 million – $1 billion in the next 3-5 years. The company’s owned real estate and proven unit economics also make it attractive for long-term investors.

Recent QuickChek Acquisition Offers

Although QuickChek operates independently today, it’s useful to look at some past acquisition interest to benchmark the company’s valuation:

– In 2009, Couche-Tard (operator of Circle K) was reported to have offered over $300 million to acquire QuickChek but was rejected.

– In 2011, Wawa was rumored to be interested in an acquisition in the range of $500 – $600 million but no deal materialized.

– In 2016, 7-Eleven’s parent company was said to have inquired about buying QuickChek for around $800 million but was turned down.

The interest from these major chains supports an estimated valuation range of $700 million to over $800 million for QuickChek based on its steady growth over the past decade since those offers.

Final Valuation Estimate

Given all of these valuation methodologies and data points, I would summarize an estimate of QuickChek’s current equity valuation as follows:

– Prior purchase price: $645 million (Murphy USA’s acquisition price in 2018)

– Revenue multiples: approximately $700 – $750 million (0.35x – 0.38x estimated 2022 revenue)

– Growth prospects: $800 million – $1 billion (factoring 3-5 years of continued expansion)

– Recent acquisition interest: up to $800 million

By synthesizing these valuation perspectives, my conclusion is that QuickChek likely has a current total equity valuation in the range of $750 – $850 million.

Key Takeaways

– QuickChek is estimated to currently generate around $2 billion in annual revenue across over 150 stores.

– When acquired by Murphy USA in 2018 the company was valued at approximately $645 million.

– Based on various valuation methodologies, QuickChek likely has a current valuation between $750 – $850 million.

– Strong brand equity, loyal customer base, store economics, and growth prospects support an increasing company valuation.

– Recent acquisition interest from convenience store chains also affirms QuickChek’s value being over $700 million.

So in summary, while QuickChek keeps its financial details private as a subsidiary of Murphy USA, the convenience chain likely has an estimated enterprise valuation in 2022 of approximately $800 million based on its steady growth trajectory.


QuickChek has grown from a small New Jersey-based chain to a leading convenience store player in the mid-Atlantic region. Its strong brand equity, real estate locations, fresh food quality, and multichannel offerings have allowed QuickChek to expand to over 150 locations with annual sales approaching $2 billion.

Though financial details are limited for private QuickChek, by examining past acquisition prices, valuation multiples, recent sales trends, and interested buyer offers, we can conservatively estimate QuickChek’s current valuation to be between $750 – $850 million.

QuickChek appears positioned for continued expansion in New Jersey along with operating improvements to existing stores. The company’s brand strength and customer loyalty in its home state also make QuickChek an attractive acquisition target for larger convenience store chains looking to enter the Northeast market. But for now, QuickChek remains focused on sustaining its organic growth as part of Murphy USA while cementing its status as a New Jersey institution.