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What size wedding cake for 100 guests?

Choosing the right size wedding cake for 100 guests is an important decision for any engaged couple planning their big day. The cake acts as a centerpiece at the reception and provides a memorable moment when the couple cuts the first slice. Determining the appropriate cake size and shape requires some strategic planning and consideration of your guest count, cake design, and budget.

How Big Should a Wedding Cake Be for 100 Guests?

As a general rule of thumb, plan for each wedding guest to have at least one slice of cake. Therefore, a wedding cake for 100 guests should have around 100 slices. However, some additional considerations can alter this estimate:

  • Will children be attending? Children may eat smaller slices.
  • Are second helpings allowed? You may want extra slices.
  • Will the couple be saving the top tier? This removes a layer.
  • Will cake be served as dessert at the reception? Guests may skip cake if dessert is served.

Given these factors, a good starting point is to plan for a wedding cake with around 125 slices for 100 guests. This allows for larger guest appetites while having some extra pieces on hand.

Cake Serving Size

The standard cake slice size at a wedding is 2 inches by 3 inches. Using this per slice measurement:

  • A 6-inch round cake tier provides around 12 slices.
  • A 9-inch round cake tier provides around 30 slices.
  • A 12-inch round cake tier provides around 55 slices.

So for 100 wedding guests, you may need multiple tiers like:

  • Bottom Tier: 12-inch round = 55 slices
  • Middle Tier: 9-inch round = 30 slices
  • Top Tier: 6-inch round = 12 slices

This 3-tier cake would have around 97 slices for 100 wedding guests.

Cake Flavors and Fillings

Another consideration for a 100-guest wedding cake is how many different cake flavors and fillings to offer. Here are some common options:

  • Single cake flavor and filling: Choosing one universally appealing option like vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.
  • Dual combinations: Such as chocolate cake with raspberry filling for some tiers and vanilla cake with lemon curd for others.
  • Custom flavors per tier: For example, red velvet tier, chocolate espresso tier, and lemon blueberry tier.

Having different cake flavors and fillings per tier means more customization and variety for guests. However, it also requires more complicated cake design and pricing.

Cake Shape and Design

Beyond cake size and flavors, also consider the overall shape and design:

  • Round tiers: The traditional stacked round cake
  • Square tiers: For a more modern geometric look
  • Hexagonal tiers: For a unique twist
  • Cupcakes: Arranged into a tiered display
  • Cake table assortment: Such as cupcakes, cake pops, petite fours

The cake design possibilities are endless. Chat with your baker about options that fit your wedding style. Fondant, buttercream, fresh flowers, intricate piping details, cascading cakes – let your creativity run wild!

Wedding Cake Cost for 100 Guests

Let’s break down the typical cost for a wedding cake feeding 100 guests:

Cake Only

For a simple elegant cake with buttercream frosting, plan on $5-10 per serving. So for 100 servings, the cake cost is around $500-1,000. Simple flavors like vanilla, chocolate or marble tend to be on the lower end. More complex designs and fillings are more expensive.

Cake Delivery/Setup

Your baker will likely charge a cake delivery/setup fee. This covers their time and labor delivering the cake to your wedding venue and setting it up onsite. Average fees are around $200-300.

Cake Topper, Stand Rental, etc.

Additional cake accessories like a custom cake topper, decorative stand rental, fresh flowers, or lighting add more to the cost. Budget $200-300 more if you want any extras beyond the cake itself.

Total Cost

Putting this together, you should budget $900-1500+ for a wedding cake for 100 guests. Here’s an example breakdown:

  • Cake: $750
  • Delivery: $250
  • Topper/Accessories: $250
  • Total: $1250

Of course, costs vary for every cake. An elaborate 5-tier cake could be $2000-3000 while a simple naked cake might be $800. Chat with your baker to get a custom quote for your number of guests, design, flavors and budget.

Ordering and Picking Up Your Wedding Cake

Once you decide on your dream wedding cake for 100 guests, here are some tips for smoothly ordering and getting your cake:

  • Order at least 2-3 months in advance.
  • Have a contract detailing cake flavors, size, design and delivery.
  • Plan a cake tasting to sample flavors.
  • Communicate allergy/dietary restrictions.
  • Confirm delivery and cake table details with your venue.
  • Tip your baker for setup/delivery.
  • Assign someone to carefully transport leftover cake.
  • Enjoy cake on your anniversary using your frozen top tier!

Picking Up Your Cake

Some couples opt to pick up their wedding cake themselves and deliver it to the venue. This can save on the delivery fee, but keep in mind:

  • You need a vehicle large enough to hold the cake.
  • Drive slowly and brake gently to avoid shifting the cake.
  • Transport the cake as close to setup time as possible.
  • Let the cake cool during transport and don’t leave it in a hot vehicle.
  • Have a contingency plan in case of traffic delays.
  • Bring along a cake repair kit for any in-transit damage.
  • Carefully carry the cake inside and place directly on the presentation table.

Choosing Your Wedding Cake Vendor

The baker you choose for your wedding cake is incredibly important. Look for these traits when evaluating candidates:

  • Experience: How long have they been in business? Do they specialize in wedding cakes?
  • Portfolio: Browse photos of their past wedding cake designs.
  • Taste: Schedule a tasting to sample cake and frosting flavors.
  • Service: How responsive are they during planning? Will they deliver and set up the cake?
  • Pricing: Do their cakes fit your budget? Get a custom quote.
  • Reliability: Check reviews and get references to confirm their reputation.

Take time to read reviews, interview your top picks, and sample cakes before signing a contract. This is one vendor you want to get right!

Wedding Cake Alternatives for 100 Guests

Not every couple wants a towering tiered confection at their wedding. Here are some creative cake alternatives to feed 100 guests:


Cupcakes presented in a tiered display provide person-sized portions for each guest. Allow two cupcakes per person. With extras, you’ll need around 250 cupcakes for 100 guests. The cost savings come from not needing labor-intensive decorating.

Cake Pops

Fun bite-sized cake pops are another trendy option. Figure five pops per guest, so make 500 for 100 wedding attendees. Insert sticks into a foam base to create a cool geometric display.


Serve up pie slices like at a diner, either passed on plates or displayed at a pie table. Guests can choose their favorite flavors. Allow two mini 3-inch pies per guest. Provide some pie toppers for photos.


A donut tower or wall makes a quirky statement. Let guests grab one or two donuts each on their way out. Have around 300 donuts on hand for 100 guests.

Dessert Bar

Set up a cute dessert bar with an assortment like brownies, cookies, petit fours, etc. Supplement with a small cutting cake for photos. It’s a cost-effective way to offer variety.

Work with your caterer or bakery to estimate quantities needed for these cake alternatives. The options are endless for a unique dessert reception!

Saving Money on Your Wedding Cake

If your wedding cake budget is tight, here are some great tips for cutting costs:

  • Choose a simple naked cake style without intricate fondant or piping.
  • Select a shape that uses fewer tiers like a square or hexagon.
  • Opt for a single cake flavor and filling for all tiers.
  • Skip fancy fillings and choose buttercream or whipped cream.
  • Order a small cutting cake and supplement with sheet cake.
  • Pick up the cake yourself to avoid delivery fees.
  • Skip the cake topper and other extra decor.
  • Display your cake on a DIY stand like wood rounds or milk crates.
  • Buy a reusable plastic tier separator instead of pillars.
  • Shop around for the best deal and compare cake bakeries.

Prioritize your cake budget on the parts that matter most, like delicious flavor. With careful planning, you can serve an elegant wedding cake on a budget.


Determining the appropriate wedding cake size for your guest count is an important planning task. For 100 guests, you’ll need a cake with around 100-125 servings. A 3-tier cake presents beautifully and provides enough slices when portions are cut generously. Factor in design, flavors, and budget when deciding your perfect cake. With so many bakeries and options, you can find a gorgeous cake to delight your guests while sticking to your budget.

From elegant tiers to casual cupcake displays, let your cake reflect your wedding style. And don’t forget to save a piece to enjoy on your first anniversary!