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Spooky Halloween Monster Eye Pretzels

When it comes to deciding on the perfect Halloween recipe, there’s no shortage of great options. However, these Halloween monster eye pretzels stand out for their impressive visuals and delicious flavor. The best part? You only need three ingredients to whip up a batch! Not only do they make for an adorable party treat, but they’re also a hit with kids of all ages. This easy-to-make recipe is a must-try this Halloween season.

To get started, you’ll need some black candy melts and candy eyes. Coconut oil is an optional ingredient that adds an extra layer of flavor. Don’t forget to have parchment paper and a baking sheet on hand to help with the assembly process.

How to Make the Easy Party Treat Recipe

For a spook-tacular Halloween, whip up these easy-to-make kid-friendly snacks at home. Begin by melting the black candies in the microwave and blending in a touch of coconut oil if the mixture seems too thick. Don’t worry if it’s just right – you can always adjust to taste.

Next, quickly dip toothpick-equipped pretzels into the warm candy mixture. Timing is key here: aim for that sweet spot where the pretzel is coated but not yet set.

Arrange the dipped treats on a parchment-lined baking sheet and add a candy ‘eye’ to each small pretzel hole while the candy is still pliable. Move quickly, as you don’t want these monsters’ peepers to set before they’re arranged just so.

Finish by refrigerating your creations for 10 minutes to allow the candy to fully set. And that’s it! Your Halloween monster eye pretzels are now ready to be devoured and delightfully served.

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Monster Eye Pretzels

When it comes to crafting spooky monster treats for kids, having some insider tips can make all the difference. To achieve this Halloween snack’s signature look, it’s crucial to work quickly when dipping pretzels into melted black candies. Make sure to press those candy eyes onto each one before the mixture sets – it’s okay if it starts to thicken up, as you can easily melt it again.Don’t worry too much about the positioning of those eyes; a little crookedness only adds to their scariness factor. After all, when did you last see a perfect-look monster? As for the mouth of the monster, be mindful not to overload the largest hole in each pretzel – this will help create a more defined facial feature.Once your treats have dried, you can use a toothpick to tidy up any excess chocolate bits. While it’s not crucial, this step does add a touch of polish to your creations. When working with these candies, temperature is also an essential consideration: avoid placing them under direct heat or in warm environments, as they’ll become sticky and prone to melting.

What are Candy Melts?

Candy melts, used in this easy party treat recipe, are a versatile ingredient that can be molded, drizzled, or dipped into various creations. But what exactly are they and where can you find them? Candy melts come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and textures, all designed to melt smoothly when heated. They’re perfect for DIY snacks at home, whether it’s cake pops, truffles, or molded candies. I opted for Wilton brand candy melts, but similar options are available from other manufacturers.While not the same as traditional chocolate, candy melts are primarily composed of sugar and vegetable oil, with no cocoa butter in sight. This unique blend allows them to melt effortlessly, making them a breeze to work with. If you’re planning a Halloween snack for kids, be sure to stock up on these treats well in advance – they tend to sell out quickly as the holiday approaches! Consider making a list of easy party treat recipe ideas to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients at your fingertips.

These are Well Worth Making!

Indulge in the delightful combination of salty pretzels and sweet candy by creating these Halloween monster eye pretzels. This treat is sure to delight both kids and adults alike with its ease of preparation and irresistible flavor. The struggle to consume just one is a challenge you may not be willing to take on, as the addictive nature of this spooky snack takes over.If you’re already hooked on this type of spooky monster treats, you might also appreciate Halloween Monster Eye Crinkle Cookies, Valentine Pretzel Snack Bites, or Spooky Halloween White Chocolate Candy Bark, which offer a similar blend of flavors and fun.

Halloween Monster Eye Pretzels Recipe

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Spooky Halloween Monster Eye Pretzels

I’m thrilled to share this simple and adorable Halloween monster eye pretzel recipe that requires only three ingredients. The best part? These spooky treats are a cinch to make, with a total prep time of just 20 minutes. And in just two minutes, you’ll have a batch of 25 deliciously creepy pretzels perfect for a kid-friendly Halloween party or snack.


To begin, position a small, deep dish to melt the black candy. Microwave on high for 30-second intervals, stirring after each interval until the chocolate reaches a smooth consistency. This process typically takes around two minutes. If the melted chocolate becomes too thick or hard to work with, you can try adding coconut oil and vigorously stirring it in to combine fully. Although this isn’t a common issue, it’s a possible solution to consider. Once the pretzels are ready, gently place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Immediately apply two eyes to each of the smaller top holes using your preferred method. After completing all the pretzels, refrigerate them for 10 minutes before proceeding.


When placing the eyes on the pretzel holes, aim for a slight offset from the center to achieve a natural-looking sit-up position. If the eyes are placed too centrally, they may still work well, but having them slightly recessed into the holes won’t cause any harm unless they become significantly misaligned.

To facilitate the chocolate-dipping process, I employed toothpicks in both hands – one to hold the pretzel and another to direct excess chocolate away from the larger hole, ensuring a clear path for the snack’s mouth. The larger hole needs to remain unobstructed to allow for easy consumption.

After the pretzels have dried, you might need to remove small, stray chocolate pieces that may have formed to refine their appearance. Keep in mind that on warmer days, these treats are prone to melting, so be prepared for this possibility.