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What can I add to my burger for flavor?

Burgers are a beloved staple food for many, but sometimes you want to mix things up and add more flavor. There are lots of tasty toppings and condiments you can add to give your burger an extra kick. Here are some ideas for taking your burger to the next level!


Cheese is a classic burger topping for good reason – it adds creaminess, tang, and ooey-gooey deliciousness. Some cheese options to mix up your burger include:

  • Cheddar – Sharp, nutty, all-purpose favorite
  • Swiss – Adds melty, smoother texture
  • Provolone – Distinctive mild tang
  • Blue cheese – Bold, crumbly, with bite
  • Pepper jack – Spicy kick
  • Goat cheese – Herbaceous, creamy tang

Adding an extra slice or two of cheese amps up the cheesy flavor. Or get creative and use cheese slices or shredded cheese combos like cheddar and Swiss or provolone and pepper jack.

Sauces and Condiments

Drizzling sauces and spreads on your burger brings tons of added flavor. Some tasty options include:

  • Ketchup – Classic, tomatoey sweetness
  • Mayonnaise – Rich, tangy creaminess
  • Mustard – Spicy kick
  • BBQ sauce – Smoky, sweet, sticky
  • Ranch dressing – Cool, herbaceous tang
  • Sriracha – Garlicky, vinegary heat
  • Guacamole – Creamy, fresh avocado
  • Salsa – Fresh, acidic tomato zip
  • Hummus – Earthy, savory chickpeas
  • Tzatziki – Cool, cucumber yogurt tang

Feel free to mix and match condiments like ketchup and mustard or ranch and BBQ sauce to make custom combinations.

Vegetables and Fruits

Adding produce is an easy way to work more flavor into your burger. Some tasty options include:

  • Lettuce – Crisp coolness
  • Tomato – Juicy, acidic bite
  • Onion – Pungent, spicy
  • Pickles – Tart, briny crunch
  • Avocado – Rich, buttery creaminess
  • Jalapeño – Spicy kick
  • Mushrooms – Umami, earthy flavor
  • Pineapple – Sweet, tropical tang

For extra flavor, try grilling vegetables like onions, peppers, or mushrooms before adding to your burger.

Meats and Other Proteins

Adding extra meats and proteins can provide flavorful depth. Ideas include:

  • Bacon – Smoky, salty
  • Ham – Savory, slightly sweet
  • Sausage patties – Spicy, herbs and seasoning
  • Fried egg – Runny yolk creaminess
  • Crispy chicken – Crunchy texture

Layer the meats on top of the burger patty, or even use meats to replace the patty for something inventive.

Spices and Seasonings

Spice up your burgers with extra seasonings. Ways to add more flavor include:

  • Seasoned salt – All-purpose sprinkle
  • Onion powder – Pungent onion flavor
  • Garlic powder – Savory, aromatic
  • Chili powder – Smoky, spicy
  • Cajun seasoning – Robust heat
  • Steak seasoning – Umami depth
  • Pepper – Extra zing

Sprinkle the seasoning directly onto the burger patty before cooking, or coat the buns for even more flavor.

Cheeses and Buns

Switch up your cheeses and buns for extra flavor possibilities. Some cheese bun combos to try:

Cheese Bun
Cheddar Pretzel bun
Swiss Hawaiian roll
Pepper jack Jalapeño cheddar bun
Blue cheese Onion bun

Matching cheeses that complement the flavor of the bun makes burgers more crave-worthy.

Meat Combinations

For ultra flavorful burgers, blend meats in the patties. Juicy combos include:

Meat 1 Meat 2
Ground beef Ground pork
Ground turkey Ground bison
Ground chicken Italian sausage
Ground lamb Chorizo

The blended meats add complex, meaty flavors to every bite.


Burgers are a perfect canvas for creativity. With endless topping combinations, meat blends, bun choices and seasonings, you can constantly invent exciting new burgers. Spice up your old standbys with cheeses, sauces, vegetables and proteins. Or explore globally inspired flavors like chimichurri, harissa or kimchi. However you choose to flavor up your burgers, your tastebuds will thank you.