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What color air fryer is best?

When it comes to air fryers, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right model and color for your needs and kitchen décor. The color of your air fryer is an important decision because it will be a visible appliance on your countertop. Not only do you want an air fryer that cooks food evenly and efficiently, but you also want one that fits in with your existing color scheme and kitchen aesthetic.

Some key questions to ask when picking an air fryer color:

– What color palette do you have in your kitchen? Matching your air fryer to your existing color scheme will help it blend seamlessly into the space.

– Do you prefer stainless steel, matte, or glossy finishes? The texture and sheen of the air fryer exterior will impact its look and feel.

– Is color uniformity with other appliances important to you? Some people like all their appliances to coordinate.

– Are you looking for an air fryer that makes a statement or blends into the background? Bold colors stand out while neutrals recede.

– Do you care about visibility of dirt and fingerprints? Lighter colors require more frequent cleaning.

– How important is color accuracy? Some air fryer colors differ slightly from product photos.

Most Popular Air Fryer Colors

When researching the most popular air fryer colors currently on the market, five main options stand out:

Black Air Fryers

Black air fryers are by far the most common color. Black appliances have a classic, sleek look that fits well in nearly any kitchen décor. Fingerprints and grease stains also blend in better with the darker color. Black air fryers come in various materials including plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic coatings. The matte finish helps hide smudges and fingerprints. If your kitchen is already filled with black appliances like a refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven, then a black air fryer is a seamless choice.

White Air Fryers

A white air fryer provides a crisp, clean appearance that looks great with other white kitchen appliances and light-colored cabinets or countertops. The light finish and glossy surface give a contemporary vibe. However, white air fryers do require a bit more cleaning to keep them looking pristine. Beware that white plastic has more potential for discoloration over time. Look for ceramic or stainless steel white air fryers for durability.

Stainless Steel Air Fryers

Stainless steel air fryers have an elegant, professional look reminiscent of commercial kitchens. The neutral metallic color matches most décors and the shiny surface resists stains and fingerprints better than plastic models. Stainless steel comes in various finishes from a muted brushed look to a bold polished shine. Keep in mind that stainless steel scratches more easily over time if not cared for properly.

Red Air Fryers

While not nearly as common as black and white, red air fryers provide a fun pop of color. Red works great as an accent color in rooms with stainless steel, black, or chrome appliances. The bold hue stands out on the countertop instead of fading into the background. Just be aware that red plastic tends to fade and discolor when exposed to sunlight and heat over time. An enamel or powder-coated red finish is ideal for longevity.

Silver or Grey Air Fryers

For those who want an alternative to traditional stainless steel, silver or grey air fryers offer a similar look but with a warmer, more matte finish. Silver and grey have an understated elegance that coordinates well with black, white, or stainless appliances. Smudges don’t stand out as much as on glossy finishes. Just check that the plastic has been dyed all the way through, or else deep scratches may reveal white underneath.

Factors that Affect Air Fryer Color Choice

Here are some key factors to think through when selecting an air fryer color for your needs:

Kitchen Color Scheme

Picking an air fryer color that fits your existing kitchen décor is the top consideration for most people. Take a look around at your major appliances (refrigerator, oven, etc.) and kitchen cabinets/countertops. What is the dominant color scheme? Play it safe by matching new small appliances to the overall kitchen aesthetic. If your cooking space is mostly stainless, black, or white, stick with those classic neutral tones. For a more eclectic or colorful kitchen, have fun coordinating or contrasting the air fryer hue to the room.

Counter Space

The amount of open counter space you have is also important. Air fryers come in various sizes from small 2-quart models to 5-quart or larger family sizes. Make sure to pick an appliance that fits without crowding your prep area. Those with limited surface area should consider a compact air fryer in a neutral color that won’t stand out too much. If you have expansive countertops, this gives you more flexibility to choose a statement color and/or bigger model.

Features and Settings

While color is the first thing you notice, also compare the technical specs and settings of different air fryer models. Are features like temperature range, presets, auto shut-off, and timer important? Make sure to pick an appliance with the right settings and power for your cooking needs, not just a pretty exterior. Some brands offer the exact same air fryer model in an array of color options, so you can get the best of both worlds.


Air fryer exteriors typically come in plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic-coated surfaces. Each material has pros and cons. Plastic is affordable and available in endless color varieties but more prone to scratching and discoloration over time. Stainless steel costs more but is very durable and stain-resistant. Ceramic coatings offer an attractive glossy or matte look with heightened durability and easy cleaning. Consider which material best fits your lifestyle and design tastes.

Visibility of Grease and Fingerprints

How much the appearance of fingerprints, oil splatters, and grease stains will bother you is another question for air fryer color selection. Darker colors like black are great at disguising smudges and shine from normal cooking mess. But blacks and bold colors will need frequent wiping down to look like new. On the other hand, bright whites and shiny stainless steel will show every single speck of dirt and require constant cleaning.

Personal Preference

Never underestimate the power of personal preference! You want an air fryer color you find attractive and enjoyable since you’ll see it daily. The right hue can lift your mood. Whether it’s cheery turquoise, lively red, calming grey, or classic black, pick whatever color makes you smile. While practical factors are important, this appliance is about making your life easier and your kitchen more fun.

Which Color Air Fryer is Overall Best?

With so many color options out there, which is objectively the best choice? While the “perfect” air fryer color depends a lot on individual needs and preferences, here are a few top contenders:


It’s no coincidence that black is the most popular air fryer color. The dark hue effortlessly matches just about any kitchen style and existing appliance finishes. Black plastic air fryers are affordable, but the matte coating on steel or ceramic models resists fingerprints and hides cleaning mistakes better. Black is a classic that looks great in any home.

Stainless Steel

For those willing to spend a bit more, stainless steel air fryers are ideal for their sleek durability. The shiny metal finish gives off an elegant vibe but withstands mess, smudges, and wear and tear. Stainless steel mesh air fryer baskets are also preferable since they circulate air better. Just note stainless requires more care and polishing than darker options.


A clean white air fryer has visual appeal that works well with light countertops and cabinets. But be prepared to wipe away any grease splatters that show immediately on the pale background. Look for a glossy enameled or ceramic coating to prevent yellowing over time. While high maintenance, nothing looks more pristine and professional than a bright white kitchen appliance.


For those who want a lighter neutral without the clinical feel of white, silver and grey air fryers straddle the line perfectly. The mix of metal and matte finishes hide smudges and offer flexibility for coordinating with your décor. Grey and silver pair nicely with stainless steel, black, or white major appliances.


Selecting the best air fryer color for your needs depends on factors like your kitchen’s existing color scheme and finishes, air fryer size required, cooking features needed, material durability preferences, tendency towards mess and smudges, and personal style inclinations.

While black may be the crowd favorite, stainless steel offers unmatched elegance and durability for a higher price tag. Vibrant white looks ultra-modern and clean when maintained properly. And silver or grey provide a classy neutral hue for seamless coordination.

No matter what color you choose, picking an air fryer you genuinely love the look of will make using this handy appliance even more enjoyable. With so many options, you can easily find the perfect fit for both form and function. Let color be your guide to healthier fried favorites!

Air Fryer Color Comparison Table

Color Pros Cons
  • Matches any décor
  • Hides smudges/fingerprints
  • Classic, sleek appearance
  • Can show grease stains
  • Shows scratches on plastic
  • Clean, modern look
  • Brightens up countertops
  • Crisp appearance
  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Shows any stains immediately
  • Can discolor over time
Stainless Steel
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Resists fingerprints and smudges
  • Sleek, elegant look
  • Higher price point
  • Can show water spots if not dried
  • Metal can absorb odors
  • Fun pop of color
  • Eye-catching accent piece
  • Quirky statement
  • Limits décor coordination options
  • Can clash with other appliances
  • Prone to sun damage/fading
  • Neutral color matches most decors
  • Distinct from stainless steel
  • Hides smudges well
  • Not as common, less selection
  • Plastic can scratch easily

Frequently Asked Questions

Does air fryer color affect performance?

No, the external air fryer color does not impact cooking performance or results. The heating element, fan, and internal basket material are what matter most for proper crisping and air circulation. You can choose any fun color or finish without sacrificing quality cooking ability.

Which material air fryer is best?

Ceramic-coated air fryers offer the most benefits with an extra durable, scratch-resistant finish that makes cleaning easier. Stainless steel comes second for its sleek metal that resists corrosion. Nonstick coated plastic works fine but can degrade over time with heavy use.

Do all air fryer accessories have to match colors?

Not necessarily. While it looks nice to have coordinating colors, the removable pots, pans, and trays don’t have to match exactly. Just check that any included accessories or additional pans you buy are the right size and material to fit your model properly.

Should I match my air fryer to my other appliances?

It’s recommended but not required. Having all your small and large appliances coordinate can create a unified, upscale look. But it’s fine to use your air fryer as a fun pop of contrasting color too. Just ensure it complements the overall kitchen aesthetic.

Can I change the color of my air fryer?

While possible to use spray paints or wraps to alter the air fryer color, this is not generally recommended as it can interfere with operation or damage the device over time when exposed to high heat. For best results, select the color you want from the start.