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What do Muslims say when entering bathroom?

Muslims have a specific prayer or phrase they are encouraged to say when entering the bathroom. This prayer is known as the Sunnah (recommended practice) when going to the toilet. Here are some key points about what Muslims say when entering the bathroom:

The Prayer

The prayer that Muslims are recommended to say when entering the bathroom is:

بِسْمِ الله


This translates to “In the name of Allah”. By reciting this phrase, Muslims are remembering God and seeking his protection even when doing something as mundane as using the toilet.

Purpose of the Prayer

There are a few reasons why Muslims recite this prayer when entering the bathroom:

  • It seeks refuge in God’s protection from evil Jinn that are believed to frequent dirty places like bathrooms.
  • It reminds Muslims that God is everywhere and aware of all their actions.
  • It differentiates the act of relieving oneself from other mundane acts by including remembrance of God.

Overall, the prayer is recited as a way to maintain awareness of God and purification even when engaging in something as routine as using the bathroom.

Hadith About the Prayer

This practice of reciting Bismillah when entering the bathroom originates from sayings and habits of the Prophet Muhammad.

In particular, there is a hadith (narration of the Prophet) that states:

“These are three things which Satan is frightened of: The Muezzin’s Adhaan, the descending of blessings during the recitation of Surat Al-Baqarah, and the (travelling) merchant’s Dua when he leaves his house, saying ‘Bismillah’ (In the Name of Allah).”

This hadith indicates that by saying “Bismillah”, one can seek refuge from Satan when engaging in different daily activities.

What to Say When Exiting

In addition to reciting Bismillah when entering the bathroom, Muslims are also encouraged to say a prayer when exiting the bathroom.

The prayer said when exiting is:



This means “I seek Your forgiveness”. Saying this reminds Muslims to seek God’s pardon after relieving oneself.

Variation in Practice

While reciting these phrases when entering and exiting the bathroom is part of Prophetic tradition, not all Muslims rigidly follow this practice today. There is some variation:

  • Some Muslims always recite it, considering it compulsory.
  • Others recite it occasionally or when they remember.
  • Others may not recite it at all.

So while these phrases are recommended, not every Muslim says them consistently when using the bathroom.


In summary, Muslims are encouraged to say “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah) when entering the bathroom and “Ghufranak” (I seek Your forgiveness) when exiting. This follows the practice of Prophet Muhammad. It reminds Muslims of God’s presence and seeks spiritual purification. While virtuous, reciting these phrases is not considered compulsory and not all Muslims are consistent in following this Sunnah.