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What do rainbow roses mean?

Rainbow roses have become an increasingly popular flower choice for gifting and floral arrangements. But what exactly do the colors of rainbow roses symbolize and represent? Here we’ll explore the meaning behind rainbow roses and each color that makes up these unique blooms.

What Are Rainbow Roses?

Rainbow roses, also sometimes called multicolor roses, are roses that have been dyed or treated to display multiple colors on a single stem. While natural rose varieties come in a spectrum of single colors like red, pink, yellow, or white, rainbow roses have been creatively colored to achieve a ombre or multi-hue effect.

The most common rainbow rose features gradients of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet to mimic the colors of a rainbow. However, rainbow roses can also come in other color blends and mixes, like pastel rainbow colors.

To create rainbow roses, white roses are typically treated right before they bloom. Florists submerge the stems in colored water or apply colored powder pigments to the petals. The roses then take up the dye or powder through their natural absorption processes, resulting in layered colors extending across each petal.

The Meaning of Rainbow Roses

In general, rainbow roses carry messages of hope, optimism, uniqueness, creativity, and spirit. Their variety of blended colors convey joy and openness to new experiences and interpretations.

Specifically, here are some of the meanings associated with rainbow roses:

  • Hope for the future
  • Promise and new beginnings
  • Lightheartedness and cheer
  • Unconditional and freeing love
  • Imagination and fantasy
  • Congratulatory wishes
  • Bridging connections
  • diversity and inclusivity

Rainbow roses can make meaningful gifts for celebrations, special occasions, or as a way to brighten someone’s day. Their multi-faceted appearance reflects the complexities and freedoms of life.

Meaning of the Colors in Rainbow Roses

Each color within a rainbow rose also carries specific symbolic significance. Here’s a breakdown of the meaning behind each rainbow rose color:


Red roses represent romance, passionate love, and affection. Red is a symbol of enduring emotion. Within a rainbow rose, red adds a layer of love to the overall message.


Orange roses convey enthusiasm, warmth, and openness. The color orange is associated with joy and creative energy. Orange adds vibrance and excitement within a rainbow rose.


Yellow roses symbolize friendship, happiness, and optimism. The color yellow represents hope, fresh starts, and lightheartedness. Yellow infuses rainbow roses with cheer and joyfulness.


Green roses signify prosperity, wellbeing, peace, and tranquility. The color green evokes renewal, growth, and balance. Green brings a sense of harmony and equilibrium to rainbow roses.


Blue roses mean trust, secrecy, intelligence, and spirituality. The color blue signifies calmness, serenity, and infinity. Blue offers thoughtfulness and depth to the rainbow rose’s message.


Indigo represents intuition, inner wisdom, imagination, and creativity. This deep mystical color adds a spiritual component and sense of the ethereal to rainbow roses.


Violet roses symbolize enchantment, love at first sight, and regal majesty. The color violet connotes luxury, extravagance, and splendor. Violet roses complete the rainbow spectrum with magic and allure.

Gifting Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses make for merry, magical gifts for a variety of occasions. Here are some popular gifting times and pairings for rainbow roses:

Occasion Rainbow Rose Meaning
Birthdays Wishing someone cheer, joy, and dreams come true on their special day.
Anniversaries Celebrating lasting love and looking forward to the years ahead.
Graduations Congratulations and encouragement for a bright future full of potential.
New babies Welcoming new life and possibilities.
Weddings Bringing together families and honoring new beginnings.
Proms/dances Wishing someone an imaginative, memorable night.
Valentine’s Day Expressing sweet romantic affection.
“Just because” moments Showing someone they are special and lighting up their day.

Rainbow roses pair beautifully with gifts like:

  • Chocolates or candies
  • Teddy bears
  • Greeting cards
  • Birthday cakes or cupcakes
  • Champagne or sparkling cider
  • Spa baskets
  • Gift cards for experiences
  • Photo frames
  • Lively vases or pretty rose bowls

Displaying Rainbow Roses

There are many festive ways to showcase rainbow roses:

  • In colorful vases – Use clear or brightly colored vases to let the roses take center stage.
  • As rose bowls – Float rainbow roses in low clear bowls filled with water.
  • In floral arrangements – Pair rainbow roses with filler greenery and blooms like babies breath, ferns, lilies, etc.
  • As bouquets – Rainbow roses make stunning hand-tied or arranged bouquets.
  • Single stems – Even one rainbow rose makes a lovely, simple gift.
  • As decor – Rainbow roses can decorate tables, mantles, shelves, etc.
  • In centerpieces – Cluster rainbow roses together for gorgeous centerpieces.
  • As wreaths – Entwine rainbow roses into floral wreaths.

Some quick tips for displaying rainbow roses:

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve the colors.
  • Change the water daily.
  • Recut stems every few days.
  • Remove any discolored or wilting petals.
  • Mist rainbow roses with floral spray if desired.

Care for Rainbow Roses

Caring for rainbow roses is similar to caring for regular roses. Here are some rainbow rose care tips:

  • Unwrap roses upon arrival and place in a vase of water immediately.
  • Recut stems at an angle every 2-3 days.
  • Change water daily using purified, room temperature water.
  • Add floral food or plant food to the water to nourish roses.
  • Keep roses in a cool spot out of direct light and heat sources.
  • Mist roses with water occasionally to add humidity.
  • Remove any dead or dying petals, leaves, or stems.
  • Enjoy roses at their peak freshest, within 1-2 weeks of arrival.

Preserving Rainbow Roses

There are some methods for trying to preserve rainbow roses beyond their natural lifespan of 1-2 weeks:

  • Drying – Hang upside down or place horizontally to air dry. Silica sand, borax, or other desiccants can help retain color.
  • Pressing – Press between heavy books or in plant pressers. Works best with single petals.
  • Waxing – Dip or spray roses with paraffin wax or floral wax sealant.
  • Freezing – Freeze fully bloomed roses completely solid. Defrost later and display briefly.
  • Resin – Submerge roses in clear resin to create forever keepsakes.

However, rainbow rose colors will fade more quickly with all preservation methods. Enjoy these roses in their peak brilliance as fresh-cut flowers.

Fun Facts About Rainbow Roses

  • Rainbow roses first started appearing in the early 2000s, originating in Ecuador.
  • The process for making rainbow roses is patented and licensed to growers.
  • It takes about 6 weeks from planting for rainbow rose stems to mature enough for coloring.
  • In some cultures, multi-colored roses have been seen as a symbol of achievement and status.
  • Rainbow roses pair beautifully with flowers like lilies, tulips, carnations, and baby’s breath.
  • Most rainbow roses sold today are hybrid tea rose varieties.
  • With proper care, rainbow roses typically last between 7-14 days after being cut.
  • Rainbow roses need more frequent water changes than regular roses since their stems uptake more water.
  • Rainbow roses are sometimes called ombre roses based on their color gradients.
  • Rainbow roses can make amazing dried bouquets if dried fully upside down.


With their unique, vivid blend of colors, rainbow roses convey joy, spirit, and possibility. Each hue adds its own meaning and symbolism to the rose. Rainbow roses make for celebratory, dream-like gifts and arrangements. Their layered, alternating colors represent the ups and downs, highs and lows of life. With proper care, rainbow roses can retain their colorful beauty for over a week. Give the gift of rainbow roses to uplift someone’s heart and draw happy dreams.