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What does a black rose pin mean?

A black rose pin often carries a somber or mysterious meaning. Black roses represent loss, farewell, and ending. Wearing a black rose pin can signify mourning, remembrance, or dark emotions. The color black itself is associated with death, darkness, and the underworld. Therefore, black rose pins evoke deep symbolism related to mortality and the transition between life and death.

What does a black rose represent?

A black rose stands for bereavement, departure, and finality. The color black absorbs all light and does not reflect anything back, similar to the concept of death taking life. As roses are commonly gifted to express love and passion, a black rose signifies the end of those emotions or relationships. It conveys sorrow, loss, and goodbye. A black rose is also seen as reminiscent of tragic love, as it retains the rose’s romantic qualities while shrouded in darkness.

In this way, black roses demonstrate the stark contrast between life and death. As all other rose colors hold positive meanings of affection, joy, and optimism, the black rose reminds us of our mortality. It represents the inevitability of death and reminds us to appreciate each day we have. Overall, the black rose symbolizes the completion of a cycle and honoring a solemn occasion.

Why do people wear black rose pins?

There are several reasons why someone may wear a black rose pin:

  • To mourn the loss of a loved one
  • To commemorate a difficult ending or departure
  • To acknowledge a tragic event
  • To express dark emotions like grief, sadness, or despair
  • To embrace one’s Goth or emo style
  • To make an artistic statement

Wearing a black rose pin demonstrates the wearer is going through a somber experience or period of grief. It silently signals they are in mourning or have recently experienced loss. A black rose pin worn on the lapel or as jewelry carries deep sentimental value during memorial services, funerals, or days of remembrance. It shows solidarity with those grieving and makes a symbolic gesture of honor and respect.

What does a black rose pin mean in funeral flowers?

Funeral flowers with black roses convey sympathy for the bereaved family while acknowledging the death that occurred. Adding black roses to funeral flower arrangements is a traditional and solemn gesture at memorial services. Black roses mixed with other darker flower varieties like lilies symbolize the mourning of loss.

Some common meanings and memorial messages that black roses represent in funeral flowers include:

  • A farewell and final goodbye to the deceased
  • An ending and transition from life into death
  • Sorrow and grief over the loss of a loved one
  • Deep respect and honor for the deceased
  • Acknowledgment of the sadness and pain felt by those grieving
  • A symbolic dark presence remembering the dead

Black roses remind funeral guests of the certainty of death and the fragility of life. Their somber beauty creates an appropriate backdrop honoring the loss at memorial services. The deep black color starkly contrasts bouquets of pale flowers, representing the stark divide between life and death.

Do black rose pins have any other meanings?

Beyond mourning and memorial symbolism, black rose pins can hold some other contextual meanings, including:

  • Rebellion – Black roses can symbolize a rebel spirit going against the norm or conventional meanings of other rose colors.
  • Unattainability – The elusiveness and mystery behind the idea of black roses, which do not exist naturally.
  • Courage – Embracing the darkness and unknown require bravery.
  • Independence – Not following the crowd and forging one’s own path.
  • Style – Black roses complement alternative fashion looks like Goth.
  • Elegance – The black rose’s dangerous beauty and romanticism.

However, when worn as an accessory, the black rose pin most commonly signals remembrance and sorrowful commemoration. The black rose’s symbolism has strong associations with death and loss when worn at funerals, memorials, or solemn occasions.

What are some other ways black roses are used?

Beyond pins and funeral flowers, black roses appear in:

  • Jewelry – Black rose necklaces, rings, bracelets
  • Tattoos – Signifying loss of a loved one
  • Artwork – Symbolizing tragic romance or dark emotions
  • Photography – To represent sadness or edginess
  • Home decor – As a vase of flowers or in wreaths
  • Gardening – As a unique flower for one’s rose garden

Black roses are especially popular memorial tattoos, given permanently to honor those who have passed away. They work beautifully for floral art and photography as well. Home and event florists will sometimes dye roses black to provide appropriately dark funeral or Gothic-themed event decor.

Where can you buy black rose pins?

Black rose pins and related jewelry can be found at these retailers:

  • Etsy – Handmade black rose pins and brooches from independent artisans
  • eBay – Vintage and used black rose pins
  • Amazon – Mass-produced black rose pins and brooches
  • Goth clothing shops – Either in-person or online shops focused on alternative styles
  • Hot Topic – Alternative mall store selling stylized black rose pins
  • Jewelry stores – Some fine jewelers offer black rose jewelry
  • Funeral homes – As part of their funeral service products

The most dedicated selection will be found from goth/punk racks and websites as well as handmade artisan pins on Etsy. Amazon and eBay provide affordable black rose pins too.

How can you make your own black rose pin?

Making DIY black rose pins is also an option. You’ll need:

  • Fake roses or fabric roses
  • Black spray paint or black fabric dye
  • Pin backing and clutch
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

The steps include:

  1. Take a red fake rose and spray paint it black, allowing time to dry.
  2. Or submerge a fabric rose in black dye according to product instructions.
  3. Cut the rose off its stem, leaving just the bloom.
  4. Glue a pin backing clutch to the back of the rose.
  5. Allow glue to fully dry before wearing.

This creates an easy handmade black rose pin for a fraction of the cost of pre-made pins. You can use a variety of materials like silk, satin, or velvet for different looks.


A black rose pin has deep symbolic meaning. It represents mourning, loss, sorrow, and memorial. The black color signifies grief, death, and endings rather than the typical joyful associations of a brightly colored rose. Wearing a black rose pin subtly communicates to others you are in a period of bereavement and remembrance. It shows respect and solemn acknowledgment of a tragic event or death. Black roses remind us to appreciate each day and those we love when we can.