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What happens if you hit someone in Dubai?

Dubai has strict laws regarding assault and battery offenses. Hitting someone can lead to heavy fines, imprisonment, deportation, and civil damages in Dubai. The penalties depend on the severity of injury caused and if it was intentional or accidental.

Can you go to jail for hitting someone in Dubai?

Yes, you can go to jail for hitting or assaulting someone in Dubai. The UAE penal code has clear laws regarding assault and battery offenses.

The punishment depends on whether it is considered a minor assault or more serious assault causing substantial injury. For minor assaults with no lasting injury, the penalty is usually imprisonment up to 1 year and a fine up to Dh10,000.

For more serious assault charges causing substantial injury, the penalty can be imprisonment up to 10 years plus a fine up to Dh50,000. Aggravating factors like the use of weapons or premeditation can increase jail time.

What is considered assault in Dubai?

Under UAE law, assault refers to any act that causes physical harm or injury to another person. This includes:

  • Hitting, punching, slapping, kicking etc. that causes pain/injury
  • Pushing, shoving forcefully
  • Throwing objects at a person
  • Using a weapon or dangerous instrument
  • Verbal threats of violence that place a person in fear

Minor assaults may lead to injuries like bruises, scratches etc. Serious assault causes substantial injuries like broken bones, concussions etc.

What happens if you accidentally hit someone in Dubai?

If you accidentally hit or injure someone in Dubai, for example in a crowd or while driving, it can still be considered assault under UAE law. However, the penalties may be less severe if it clearly unintentional and involuntary.

Factors like apologizing, helping the victim promptly, no use of weapons etc. can demonstrate it was an accident. You may have to pay fines, compensation and get a suspended sentence rather than jail time. Hiring a lawyer is recommended to negotiate the charges and penalties.

Can you be deported for hitting someone in Dubai?

Yes, you can potentially face deportation and termination of work visa for assaulting someone in Dubai. Deportation is usually considered for serious criminal cases.

Minor first-time assaults may just lead to fines or short imprisonment. But grossviolent assaults, premeditated attacks, hate crimes etc. can lead to deportation and long-term entry ban after serving the jail sentence.

Some cases where deportation is highly likely for assault include:

  • Repeat offenders
  • Use of weapons/dangerous instruments
  • Injuries causing disability or permanent disfigurement
  • Assaulting women, children, elderly

Can the victim sue you for damages?

Yes, victims can pursue civil damages and compensation in Dubai courts, apart from the criminal charges. This includes compensation for:

  • Medical expenses for injury treatment
  • Loss of income due to missed work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability or disfigurement due to injury
  • Psychological trauma like depression

The compensation amounts are decided based on evidence like medical reports, income proof, and severity of injury. Having liability insurance helps cover some of these civil payouts.

What happens if you hit a child in Dubai?

There are serious penalties for hitting or assaulting a child in Dubai. Child abuse is considered among the most serious crimes.

Assaulting a person under 14 years old can double the jail sentence. So minor assault can get 2 years jail instead of 1 year. Serious assault can get up to 20 years instead of 10 years. Fines also increase substantially.

Deportation is very likely after serving the jail time. The incident also gets reported to the child protection authorities for further action. Civil compensation for trauma suffered by the child is common.

What happens if you hit a woman in Dubai?

There are heavy penalties for assaulting women in Dubai due to the strict laws protecting women’s rights.

The penalties for hitting or beating women are usually more severe compared to assaults on men. Jail sentences can go up to 5 years for even minor assault on women.

Any kind of domestic violence against female family members is taken very seriously. Deportation is highly likely after serving jail time.

What happens if you hit a police officer in Dubai?

Assaulting police officers and public servants carries severe penalties in Dubai. Such assaults are considered among the most aggravated crimes.

Jail sentences can be up to 15 years for assaulting police officers. Fines can go up to Dh100,000. Deportation and permanent entry ban is almost certain after serving the jail term.

Can you claim self-defense if you hit someone in Dubai?

Self-defense is recognized under UAE law if you have a reasonable and imminent fear for your safety or life. But the force used must be proportionate to the threat faced. For example, you cannot seriously injure or kill someone if you are not facing threat of serious injury or death yourself.

To claim self-defense for hitting someone:

  • There must be evidence you face unlawful force or harm from assailant
  • Your reaction was spontaneous and unplanned
  • You used reasonable force required to protect yourself
  • You did not have the option to escape or get help

The circumstances are thoroughly investigated before charges are reduced or dropped based on self-defense claims. It is highly recommended to consult a lawyer to strengthen your claim with evidence.

What if the other person hit you first in Dubai?

If another person initiates physical assault on you first in Dubai, and you hit them back in the heat of the moment, your actions may still be seen as assault in court.

However, you can claim extenuating circumstances and that it was not premeditated on your part. This can potentially reduce the sentence or punishment.

You may be able to claim you hit them back reflexively while defending yourself. But use of disproportionate force or retaliation after time has passed reduces the defense claim.

Having clear evidence the other person hit you first and witnesses stating you tried to avoid the confrontation also helps prove it was not intentional assault from your side.

When can assault charges be dropped in Dubai?

Prosecutors may agree to reduce or drop assault charges in Dubai in certain circumstances:

  • Clear evidence of self-defense against unlawful harm
  • Retaliatory actions in the heat of the moment rather than premeditated assault
  • Injuries were minor and accidental in nature
  • Both parties agree to forgive and make amends out of court
  • Financial compensation paid to victim as civil remedy
  • First-time minor offense and offender is apologetic

However, charges are rarely dropped for serious willful assault, use of weapons, premeditation, history of violence etc. Hiring a criminal lawyer is recommended to negotiate minimizing penalties.

How can you avoid charges for minor incidents?

For minor confrontations that get slightly physical but don’t cause any injury, charges can often be avoided by:

  • Apologizing promptly and taking responsibility
  • Coming to a compromise and making amends with the other party
  • Providing compensation if any minor damage occurred
  • Filing a complaint is unlikely if issues are resolved amicably

However, more serious incidents must be reported. Seek legal counsel to protect yourself against excessive claims.


In summary, penalties for hitting someone in Dubai can be severe depending on injury severity and circumstances. While self-defense claims are possible with evidence, it is still considered assault under UAE law if you hit someone back first. For minor confrontations, quick apologies and amends can help avoid charges. But it is recommended to consult a lawyer to negotiate the legal process for assault cases in Dubai.