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What race was the first Sith?

The Sith were an ancient order of Force-wielders devoted to the dark side of the Force. They were the sworn enemies of the Jedi Order and strove to take control of the galaxy at various points throughout galactic history.

The first Sith Lords emerged on the planet Korriban approximately 6,900 years before the Battle of Yavin. They were originally members of the Jedi Order who broke away and established their own traditions and philosophies based around the dark side of the Force. Over time, the term “Sith” came to apply not just to the dissident Force users but also to other beings who practiced their philosophy.

The race of the very first Sith is unclear due to the ancient and fragmentary nature of surviving records from that era. However, there are several prime candidates based on early Sith history.

Major Candidates for the First Sith

Sith Species

The indigenous population of the planet Korriban were known as the Sith. This red-skinned humanoid race was dominated by the dissident Jedi exiles who colonized Korriban and established the first Sith Empire.

Interbreeding occurred between the Jedi exiles and the Sith of Korriban. The combined teachings of the Jedi renegades and the spiritual beliefs of the Korribani natives led to the establishment of the Sith philosophy.

Some historical accounts indicate the Sith species were the first to be referred to as Sith, after the name of their homeworld. This implies the first true Sith may have come from this race.

Exiled Jedi

The exiled Jedi who arrived on Korriban seeking enlightenment are also prime candidates for the first true Sith. These former Jedi explored the dark side of the Force and proclaimed themselves Sith Lords.

According to some sources, the fallen Jedi subjugated the Sith race and adopted their name. If accurate, this suggests the first Sith may have been one of the exiled Jedi settlers, not the Korriban natives.

Other Possibilities

A few historical accounts suggest the first Sith may have been descended from exiled Dark Jedi who settled on the planet Dromund Kaas or other worlds before the Korriban colony was established. However, these sources are vague and contradictory, making it difficult to draw firm conclusions.

Analysis of Early Sith Lords

To shed more light on the origins of the Sith, we can examine records of early known Sith Lords:

Ajunta Pall

Ajunta Pall was one of the original Jedi exiles who discovered Korriban and founded the Sith Empire. He was known as the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

Some sources claim Pall as the very first Sith. However, it is also possible the Sith philosophy already existed on Korriban before Pall’s arrival. So Ajunta Pall may have been the first acknowledged Dark Lord but not literally the first Sith.


Xendor preceded the Korriban Sith and may have been the leader of the first organized movement of Dark Jedi. He lived nearly a century before Ajunta Pall and led a rebellion against the Jedi Order known as the First Schism.

Some scholars believe Xendor and his dissident Jedi followers developed proto-Sith teachings before the term “Sith” was established. If accurate, this potentially makes Xendor the first true Sith in concept if not in name.

Sorzus Syn

Sorzus Syn was a female Sith Lord and contemporary of Ajunta Pall on Korriban. She apparently developed secret alchemical formulas and magical rituals which were the foundation of later Sith sorcery.

Syn could possibly have been the very first Korribani Sith to study the dark arts, preceding Ajunta Pall’s own experiments. This might qualify her as the first true Sith adherent, though evidence is slim.

The Question of Origins

In the end, pinpointing the precise first Sith is hampered by the cryptic and fragmented nature of surviving records from that era. Based on available information, several conclusions can be drawn:

– The first organized Sith philosophy emerged on Korriban.

– The earliest known Sith Lords were Jedi exiles who settled on Korriban.

– The indigenous Sith people clearly influenced early Sith philosophy.

– Both the Jedi exiles and Sith natives likely contributed to the early Sith ideology.

There is no consensus on whether the title of first Sith belongs to one of the fallen Jedi settlers or the Korribani people. In truth, the “first Sith” was likely a synthesis of both elements.

Early Sith Evolution on Korriban

After the establishment of the Sith order on Korriban, their philosophy evolved over hundreds of years:

Time Period Development
6,900 BBY Jedi exiles arrive on Korriban and conquer the Sith people. First Sith kingdom formed.
6,800 BBY Sith philosophy formalized. Distinct structure from Jedi Order created.
6,300 BBY Sith language derived from native Korribani developed.
6,100 BBY Sith hierarchy solidified with emphasis on strength and power.

Over successive centuries, the Sith expanded beyond Korriban, eventually bringing much of the galaxy under their control. The Jedi and Republic forces finally defeated the Sith Empire in the Great Hyperspace War of 5,000 BBY.

Despite this defeat, the Sith legacy survived and would menace the Jedi for thousands of years. The origins of that legacy, shrouded in mystery, most likely lie both in the fallen Jedi exiles and the ancient Korriban natives who first cultivated the dark arts.


Historical records from the dawn of the Sith contain many gaps and contradictions. Based on available information, the first Sith probably emerged from an amalgamation of exiled Jedi dissenters and the indigenous population of Korriban. The precise identity of the very first Sith remains unknown, but possible candidates include figures like Sorzus Syn, Ajunta Pall, and Xendor.

Despite uncertainty about specifics, the legacy of these early Sith is clear. Their establishment of the Sith tradition and dark side philosophy set the stage for millennia of conflict with the Jedi Order that would shape galactic history.