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What symbolizes birth?

The birth of a child is one of the most meaningful events in a person’s life. It represents the beginning of a new life, filled with hopes, dreams and infinite possibilities. Across different cultures and societies, various symbols have come to represent the miracle of birth.


Eggs are one of the most universal symbols of birth and fertility. Their oval, rounded shape evokes images of a pregnant woman’s belly. Eggs contain the promise of new life within their fragile shells. Many creation myths feature eggs as the source from which the universe was born. Decorated eggs are often used as gifts and decorations for baby showers and christenings.


Like eggs, seeds hold the potential for new life within their casings. Once planted and nurtured, they grow into mighty plants or trees. Seeds represent the growth, creativity and potential that exists within every child. Many cultures feature seeds in their folklore and mythology about creation and birth. Decorations with seeds are popular for celebrating a newborn baby.

Newborn plants

The emergence of a tiny, delicate new plant or leaf out of the earth is reminiscent of a baby’s arrival into the world. Plants in their infancy mirror the fragility, innocence and dependence of newborn humans. Flowers are commonly given to new mothers as a symbolic gift to celebrate the blossoming of their child.


The burst of light that comes with the sunrise each day is a metaphor for the new light brought into a family by a baby’s birth. It scatters the darkness and brings the promise of a wonderful new day. Candles are often lit to celebrate the arrival of a baby as sources of light to welcome them into the world.


Rainbows are multi-colored bridges between heaven and earth, symbolizing hope and the wonders of nature. Their bright, vibrant colors represent the joy and brilliance a newborn brings to the lives of all around them. Rainbow decorations are popular for baby showers and nurseries.


Butterflies begin life confined as homely caterpillars before undergoing a stunning metamorphosis, emerging with gossamer wings to take first flight. Their transformation mirrors that of parents blossoming into their new roles upon their child’s birth. Butterfly decorations are common at baby showers and to adorn birth announcements.

Nesting birds

Birds busy at work building nests and nurturing their eggs represent the preparations and nesting instincts that mothers experience before giving birth. Images of hatchlings emerging symbolize the new life that arrives after the lengthy period of incubation and waiting. Mother birds doting over their new babies mirror the care human parents show their young.


The joyful ringing of bells has long been associated with celebrating special occasions and milestones, including weddings, graduations and births. Bells announce the arrival of something new and momentous, like a baby. Small bells are often incorporated into baby bracelets, mobiles, rattles and other objects for infants.


Twinkling stars represent the magical wonder and infinite possibilities associated with a new life coming into the world. People often wish upon stars when dreaming about their future children. Star motifs feature heavily on baby shower decorations, nursery accents, milestones charts and more.

The moon

The cycles of the moon represent the circle of life and the female cycles of fertility and pregnancy culminating in birth. The moon glows in the darkness just like a newborn filled with light. Crescent moon symbols are popular designs for baby jewelry, nursery decoration and birth announcements.

Swaddling clothes

The act of swaddling a new baby mirrors the protective enclosure of the womb. It represents the new parents taking over caring for the fragile child after birth. Swaddled infants appear in religious iconography and artwork related to the nativity and birth of holy figures.


The pale pinks and golds of the sunrise symbolize the dawn of a new day as well as a new life with a child’s birth. It represents the opportunities, hope and promise that come with each new beginning. Images of dawn often accompany baby birth announcements and showers.


Angels act as guardians, watching over and protecting new life. Many religions believe angels attend births and become the child’s guardian spirit. Figurines of cherubs and baby angels are ubiquitous decorations for nurseries and celebrations of birth. Their wings offer a sense of divine love and guidance.

New shoes

Tiny shoes given at baby showers or displayed in nurseries represent the new journey ahead that will start as soon as the infant’s feet are placed in them. They hint at all of the places those little feet will travel in a lifetime of adventure.


The birth of a child has been celebrated with a myriad of hopeful, light-filled symbols across cultures and eras. These symbols reflect the universal joy, excitement and sense of endless possibility that comes with welcoming a new life into the world. Although the specific symbols may vary, human beings worldwide have long understood the miraculous wonder embodied in the act of birth.