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Which zodiac should not wear diamond?

Diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, but should every zodiac sign wear diamonds? Diamonds have astrological significance and wearing diamond jewelry should be considered carefully based on your zodiac sign. While diamonds are a popular gemstone, they may not be suitable for everyone according to Vedic astrology.


Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries natives are bold, passionate, and energetic. Diamonds can amplify the fiery nature of Aries. While diamonds are not harmful for Aries in most cases, wearing large or unclean diamonds can induce aggression and restlessness.

Diamonds are suitable for Aries in small doses. A small diamond pendant or ring is enough. Avoid wearing diamonds every day or wearing large statement diamond pieces.


Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus natives are stable, loyal, and appreciate beauty. Diamonds are lucky for Taurus in most cases. The diamond’s energy complements the balanced nature of Taurus.

Diamonds can bring good fortune, improve finances, and add charm for Taurus individuals. Almost all diamond jewelry is suitable for Taurus unless the diamonds are flawed or treated poorly.


Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. Geminis are curious, social, and adaptable. Diamond’s inflexible nature can seem at odds with Gemini’s changeable disposition.

Diamonds may obstruct the fluidity and airy nature of Gemini. Large or untreated diamonds can make Geminis rigid. Small diamonds are okay but wearing diamonds daily is not advisable.


Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancer natives are nurturing, intuitive, and value home and security. Diamonds suit the emotional nature of Cancerians.

Diamonds can enhance feelings, attract romance, and add to the maternal instincts of Cancer. Small diamond jewelry like rings and pendants nurture the lunar qualities of this zodiac sign.


Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leos are bold, ambitious, and have big personalities. The bright white light of diamonds complements the sunny disposition of Leos.

Diamonds amplify the fiery solar nature of Leos. Big, sparkly diamonds in bright settings attract fortune and fame for Leo. Diamonds bring power and prosperity if worn correctly.


Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgos are practical, meticulous, and intellectually-oriented. Diamond’s brightness can overstimulate the reserved nature of Virgo.

Virgos should avoid wearing diamonds every day. Large diamonds or diamonds with a flashy cut can irritate Virgo. Small, good quality diamonds occasionally are okay for Virgo.


Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. Librans value harmony, romance, and partnership. Diamonds match Libra’s refined tastes and need for balance.

Diamonds enhance Libra’s artistic side and support romantic relationships. Well-cut diamonds in symmetric designs benefit Libra. Avoid diamonds with visible flaws or imperfections.


Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Scorpios are passionate, secretive, and emotionally intense. Diamonds suit the extreme nature of Scorpio.

Diamonds amplify the mystical side of Scorpio and add magnetism. Large statement diamonds in bold designs match the dramatic qualities of this sign. Red and black diamonds are especially powerful for Scorpio.


Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians are adventurous, optimistic, and value freedom. The bright white light of diamonds can constrain the wandering nature of Sagittarius.

Sagittarians should avoid wearing diamonds daily as it limits their flexibility. Small diamonds are okay in minimalist settings. Too much diamond energy overwhelms Sagittarius’ fiery spirit.


Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are pragmatic, ambitious, and value structure. The grounded energy of diamonds complements Capricorn’s earthy nature.

Diamonds bring discipline and focus to Capricorn’s steady climb to success. Diamonds also add luster and prestige to Capricorn’s public image. Classic diamond jewelry works best for Capricorn.


Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarians are progressive, intellectual, and embrace change. The stable nature of diamonds can seem dull and restrictive for Aquarius.

Aquarians should not wear diamonds daily as it limits freedom. Unconventional diamonds like those with an unusual cut or color are okay for Aquarius in small amounts.


Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are empathetic, spiritual, and imaginative. Diamonds enhance the mystical side of Pisces.

Diamonds open psychic abilities and bring good fortune for Pisces. Large diamonds and precious diamond jewelry in white or purple increase Pisces’ creativity and intuition.

How Do Diamonds Influence the Zodiac Signs?

In Vedic astrology, diamonds carry the energy of the planet Venus. Venus and diamonds represent wealth, luxury, beauty, and comforts. Each zodiac sign has an attitude towards these Venusian themes.

The earth and air signs do not need as much Venus energy. Too much diamond stimulation unsettles them. The fire and water signs thrive on Venusian energy. Diamonds help them achieve desires and passions.

Beyond Venus, diamonds also represent brilliance and light. The solar energy diamonds emit can overstimulate airy signs but energize fiery signs. The brilliant light of diamonds illuminates water signs but irritates earth signs.

Which Diamonds Are Suitable for Each Zodiac?

While some zodiac signs should limit diamonds, others can still wear suitable diamonds. Here is the best diamond recommendation for each zodiac sign:

  • Aries: Small diamonds, avoid flaws
  • Taurus: Any size, prioritize quality over size
  • Gemini: Very small diamonds
  • Cancer: Medium diamonds, pear shapes ideal
  • Leo: Big, bold, brilliant diamonds
  • Virgo: Small, modest diamonds occasionally
  • Libra: Well-cut diamonds, symmetric settings
  • Scorpio: Large statement diamonds, red/black colored
  • Sagittarius: Tiny diamonds or diamond accents
  • Capricorn: Classic and elegant diamonds
  • Aquarius: Unusual cuts or colored diamonds
  • Pisces: Large diamonds, purple/white stones

The cut, color, and setting of the diamond also impact its effects. Certain diamond traits bring out either positive or negative tendencies based on the zodiac sign.

Should the Quality of Diamonds Matter?

Yes, diamond quality plays a major role. Low quality or untreated diamonds can negatively affect even compatible zodiac signs. Here’s how diamond quality impacts astrological suitability:

  • Flawed Diamonds – Diamonds with many inclusions, spots, or poor cuts can irritate and agitate the mind.
  • Treated Diamonds – Treated diamonds like fractures filled or artificially colored stones create turbulence and anxiety.
  • Fake Diamonds – Imitation diamonds like cubic zirconia disrupt peace of mind and relationships.
  • High Quality Diamonds – Diamonds with excellent clarity, cut, and color purity bring auspicious energy.

Even zodiac signs compatible with diamonds should only wear high quality diamonds with little to no flaws. Low quality diamonds can sour diamond’s beneficial planetary effects.

Are Some Colors of Diamonds More Suitable?

While colorless or white diamonds are most common, colored diamonds also influence the zodiac signs. Here are the diamond colors most compatible with each sign:

Zodiac Sign Compatible Diamond Colors
Aries Yellow, pink, red
Taurus White, champagne, brown
Gemini Light yellow
Cancer Champagne, pink, white
Leo White, yellow
Virgo Light yellow
Libra White, champagne
Scorpio Red, black, pink
Sagittarius Yellow, champagne
Capricorn White, black, dark blue
Aquarius Blue, black, champagne
Pisces White, purple, pink

Diamond colors associated with the zodiac sign’s planetary ruler are most auspicious. Warm or intense colors usually suit fire and water signs. Cool or pale colors match air and earth signs best.

Do Diamond Cuts and Shapes Matter?

Yes, the cut and shape of diamonds also impact the energy it emits. Certain cuts and shapes will be more beneficial or harmful per zodiac sign. Here are the most suitable diamond cuts and shapes for each sign:

Zodiac Sign Recommended Diamond Cuts and Shapes
Aries Princess, pear, oval, marquise
Taurus Emerald, asscher, cushion, oval
Gemini Round, marquise, pear
Cancer Pear, marquise, emerald
Leo Radiant, princess, cushion, emerald
Virgo Round, oval
Libra Round, princess, radiant, emerald
Scorpio Pear, marquise, trillion
Sagittarius Round, cushion, radiant
Capricorn Emerald, princess, asscher, cushion
Aquarius Cushion, oval, round
Pisces Oval, pear, marquise

The diamond’s shape impacts how the energy is directed. Oval and marquise shapes are soothing while princess and radiant are energizing. Round is neutral while pear combines the best of both worlds.

How Do Diamond Settings Influence the Zodiac?

Diamond jewelry settings also play a role in determining astrological compatibility. Here are the best diamond settings for each zodiac:

  • Aries – Bold, thick settings in yellow or white gold
  • Taurus – Classic solitaire or three stone settings in white gold or platinum
  • Gemini – Minimalist settings with airy, delicate metalwork
  • Cancer – Intricate floral or swirl patterns in silver
  • Leo – Dramatic settings with filigree or invisible settings
  • Virgo – Simple prong or bezel settings in yellow gold
  • Libra – Symmetric settings like halo or three stone rings
  • Scorpio – Tension mountings or intricate vine patterns
  • Sagittarius – Nature inspired or asymmetrical earthy settings
  • Capricorn – Sturdy prong or bezel settings in white or yellow gold
  • Aquarius – Avant garde settings like cluster or geometric styles
  • Pisces – Wavy, oval shapes or watery, leafy designs

Choosing a diamond setting aligned with the zodiac’s elemental nature brings good luck. Fire signs flourish in bold, passion-inspired settings. Air signs need lightweight settings. Water signs suit artistic, flowing designs while earth signs prefer classic durable settings.


In summary, both the zodiac sign and diamond traits impact the effects of wearing diamond jewelry. Fire and water signs typically thrive with diamonds. Earth and Air signs require caution with diamond use. However, even compatible signs must choose high quality diamonds with astrologically auspicious traits.

Diamond consulting a Vedic astrologer ensures you select not just the best diamond but the ideal diamond based on your zodiac. This allows you to harness the full power of the Venus stone. Diamonds can bring light or misery depending on your compatibility. With the right guidance, may diamonds always bring you good fortune!