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Who has a crush on Izuku?

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. As an aspiring hero attending U.A. High School, he has gained the affection and admiration of many characters throughout the series. In this article, we will explore who among his classmates, teachers, and other acquaintances may have developed secret crushes or romantic feelings for Izuku.

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka is one of the most likely candidates to have a crush on Izuku. As a fellow student in Class 1-A, Ochaco quickly becomes friends with Izuku after he saves her from falling during the entrance exam. She admires his heroic spirit, intelligence, and resolve to never give up on his dreams.

Over time, Ochaco’s feelings seem to grow into something more than just friendship. She blushes and gets flustered around Izuku often, and other characters like Tsuyu Asui have called her out for gazing at him admiringly. During the final exams, Ochaco even says she finds Izuku to be “amazing.” All of this points toward Ochaco harboring a secret crush, even if she hasn’t fully realized or admitted her true feelings yet.

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui, also known as the hero Frog Form, is another potential admirer of Izuku’s. As classmates in 1-A, Tsuyu and Izuku have bonded over their shared diligence, honesty, and dedication to being heroes.

Tsuyu clearly cares about Izuku and has complimented him on multiple occasions. She says she finds his expressiveness and reactions “fun” and praises his strategic mind. Tsuyu also defends Izuku against remarks from Bakugo or others questioning his strength and abilities. Some fans wonder if Tsuyu’s fondness for Izuku’s personality could mean she has developed subtle romantic feelings for him.

Melissa Shield

During Izuku’s adventures at I-Island, he meets and befriends Melissa Shield, the daughter of renowned scientist David Shield. Melissa quickly takes a liking to Izuku and the two work together to uncover a sinister conspiracy.

Throughout their interactions, Melissa appears impressed by Izuku’s bravery, intelligence, and willingness to fight for justice no matter the odds. At one point, she even gives him a kiss on the cheek, causing Izuku to blush profusely. Melissa cares deeply about Izuku and continues communicating with him after they part ways. It’s possible her affection for him could be more than platonic.

Mei Hatsume

The talented and eccentric Mei Hatsume of the Support Course has demonstrated some potential interest in Izuku as well. She is immediately intrigued by his Quirk after seeing him in the Sports Festival and wants to use him to test out her inventions.

Mei’s enthusiasm around Izuku could suggest she has a small crush on him or at least finds him fascinating as her “test subject.” She admires his strength and enjoys getting to work closely with him while developing support items. However, Mei also seems focused on furthering her own career, so any feelings for Izuku may not be a priority for her.

Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga, the villain obsessed with blood, has indicated some creepy attraction toward Izuku after encountering him. She is turned on by his heroic spirit and the look in his eyes when he’s desperately trying to save someone.

During their clashes, Toga has blushed and called Izuku “cute.” She also constantly licks blood she manages to draw from him, seemingly enjoying his DNA. While her twisted infatuation is highly disturbing, Toga does seem to have developed a warped crush on Izuku and his resolve.

Nejire Hado

As one of the Big 3 students at U.A., Nejire Hado works alongside Izuku during his provisional license exam and License Exam Retake. Her bubbly, friendly personality leads Nejire to take an interest in getting to know Izuku better through her many questions and observations.

Some speculate Nejire’s curiosity about Izuku could mean she has a small crush on the underclassman. She’s eager to keep talking to him and praises him as “amazing” while watching him in action. However, Nejire’s outgoing nature makes it hard to say if she views Izuku as anything more than an intriguing junior student.

Other Possibilities

A few other female characters have had minor interactions with Izuku that could conceivably hint at potential crushes or budding romantic feelings:

  • Itsuka Kendo – She was impressed by Izuku’s leadership during the Joint Training Exercise and took an interest in his progress.
  • Camie Utsushimi – She flirted with Izuku a bit during their license exam together.
  • Ryuko Tatsuma – She worked closely with Izuku as a teammate during the licensing exam and respects his heroic drive.
  • Nejire Hado – Her bubbly personality leads her to take an interest in Izuku and praise his abilities.

However, these other characters have had limited screen time with Izuku, so it is difficult to say if their interactions reflect deeper admiration or crushes. The possibilities are there, but not as evident as with some of the other females above.

Why Izuku Is So Crush-Worthy

What is it exactly about Izuku Midoriya that makes him such a magnet for crushes and admirers? Here are some of his top qualities that draw people in:

  • Bravery – Izuku’s courage in the face of danger and willingness to risk his life to save others is hugely admirable.
  • Passion – He never gives up on his dream of being a hero and his passion is contagious.
  • Intelligence – Izuku has great strategic abilities and thinks critically in difficult situations.
  • Humility – Despite his skills, Izuku remains humble and kind to those around him.
  • Determination – Obstacles don’t deter Izuku from working to control his Quirk and become a real hero.
  • Selflessness – He prioritizes others above himself and would do anything to protect someone in need.

With these traits, it’s understandable why Izuku would be crush-worthy to so many of his fellow classmates, even if he doesn’t notice the attraction. His heroic spirit and good heart make him a magnetic friend and idol at U.A. High.

Izuku’s Thoughts on Romance

For his part, Izuku Midoriya seems largely oblivious to any crushes or admirers. He remains humbly focused on his goals of mastering One For All and becoming the greatest hero. Romantic feelings from others tend to fluster and confuse Izuku whenever they arise.

Some speculate that this naive reaction could stem from Izuku’s isolated childhood. He was bullied and friendless for so many years that positive attention from girls may feel foreign to him now. Additionally, Izuku is on the autism spectrum and his difficulty reading social cues could contribute to missing signs of crushes.

Regardless, Izuku doesn’t seem to reciprocate or indulge any budding romances so far. His calling is becoming the next Symbol of Peace like All Might. But if his admirers are patient, perhaps someday Izuku will feel capable of opening his heart. For now, his crush-worthy traits continue attracting affection from afar.

Data on Izuku’s Potential Love Interests

Character Evidence of Affection for Izuku Izuku’s Reaction
Ochaco Uraraka Blushing, stammering, gazing at him, calling him “amazing” Oblivious, thinks she’s being nice
Tsuyu Asui Defends and compliments him, enjoys his reactions Appreciates her honesty
Melissa Shield Kisses his cheek, keeps in touch after parting Flustered, grateful for her help
Mei Hatsume Fascinated by his quirk, eager to work closely with him Annoyed by her intrusiveness
Himiko Toga Licks his blood, calls him “cute” Creeped out and afraid
Nejire Hado Very curious about him, calls him amazing Flattered but confused

Izuku’s Ideal Romantic Partner

Although Izuku is not focused on romance currently, it can be fun to speculate on what he might look for in an ideal girlfriend someday. Here are some likely traits:

  • Kind – Given Izuku’s selfless nature, he would want someone caring and compassionate.
  • Brave – He’d likely want someone willing to fight for what’s right alongside him.
  • Supportive – Izuku needs someone who can cheer him on through tough training.
  • Patient – Izuku is bad at reading hints, so patience is key.
  • Fun – He’d probably enjoy someone energetic who makes him smile.
  • Smart – Intelligence is important to match Izuku’s analytic side.

Based on these desired qualities, characters like Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui certainly seem like prime candidates. They check many of the boxes in terms of having kind, brave, supportive, and patient personalities that could complement Izuku’s own traits.

Ultimately, only time will tell who might win over Izuku’s heart down the road when he feels ready. For now, he remains focused on his path to becoming a pro hero. But that won’t stop his admirers from patiently hoping they may have a chance someday!


Izuku Midoriya’s admirable character, determination, and sense of justice have earned him the affection of several classmates and acquaintances over the course of My Hero Academia. Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui seem to have the strongest crushes based on their interactions with and thoughts about Izuku.

Other possible candidates like Nejire Hado, Himiko Toga, Mei Hatsume, and Melissa Shield have also shown some signs of interest, either romantically or simply intrigue at his abilities and drive. However, Izuku remains oblivious to any crushes as he focuses wholeheartedly on his training.

Only time will tell if someone is eventually able to win over Izuku’s heart down the road once he feels ready. For now, he continues inspiring admiration and crushes from several of the amazing women in his life through his compassion, bravery, and dedication to becoming the greatest hero.